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[China]veterinary, veterinary drugs, veterinary medicine, feed additives, agro chemicals

we are shandong luxi animal medicine share co., ltd, a top manufacturer of following veterinary drugs, cheap and good, GMP. Tel 865342151518,8615165938425, Fax 865342151586 1 Diclazuril Raw material 96%UP 2 Abamectin powder 2% 3 Amitraz Solution 12.50% 4 Amoxicillin soluble powder 10% 5 Ampicillin Sodium SP 10% 6 Apramycin sulfate SP 10% 7 Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride SP 2% 8 Closantel sodium 98% 9 Colistin Sulfate Premix 10% 10 Colistin Sulfate SP 5% 11 Cyromazine 96% 12 Cyromazine[...]


[China]Veterinary Used Adhesive Bandage )KZT

Characteristics 1. Non-woven material, Soft yet strong fabrics 2. Nature latex coating which give adhesive properties. 3. Conveniently hand tear 4. Water resistant. Non-loosen as it sweats 5. Length and width can be made as required 6. Various colors available (check from color display on previous page! ) Benefits 1. Air permeable, skin-friendly, non-slip, therefore ideal for dressings on contoured body parts 2. Protects primary dressings--- 3. Provide controlled compression Purpose[...]


[China]OTOSCOPE rigid endoscopy

Feature of the ENT rigid endoscope: 1.Adopt high quality stainless steel. 2.Endoscope can stand of temperature fo 134℃/273°F for sterilization 3.Endoscope adopt the German optic fiber. 4.With direction index. 5.Sapphire lens cover,never abrasion 6.New optic system,clear field of view. HOSPPRO Healthcare Co., Ltd. are Manufacturers of surgical device, like endoscope, veterinary, ultrasonic cutter,endo-therapy intruments,light source and so on,All of our products obtained the certificate[...]


[India]Di Calcium Phosphate

We are an ISO 9001 company & are into manufacturing of Calcium Phosphate for Feed / Food / Pharma industry. We have a team of Hard working professionals , to give are customers assured quality & peice of mind they deserve.[...]


[China]Powdery Corn Gluten Meal [Specialties export]

Brand Name: Xinghuo Model Number: 72020441716 Specifications Crude protein: 61% min Crude fat: 3% max Crude ash: 3% max Crude fiber: 3% max Moisture : 10% max Advantages Zein protein powder, as the byproduct of corn flour, has the function for the animal's growing and disease-resistant. It is the fine additive of stock raising and fodder industry, and can be used to draw natural yellow pigment. It contains abundant amino[...]


[United States]Canine Essentials

Specifications: Your dog needs more than just food. Canine Essentials Original is specially formulated nutritional support for the special dog in your life. Morinda citrifolia (Noni) in a specific, balanced nutritional supplement for dogs provides additional support that no other supplement line can offer. Along with Noni, Canine Essentials Original uses a unique blend of soy lecithin, vitamin E, and DHA for superior support of the nervous system and the immune system. This formula also includes[...]


[Pakistan]Veterianry Instruments

Top Quality Veterinary Instruments with 100% Stainless steel[...]


[China]Veterinary medicine

Diclazuril, Cyromazine, Ethoxyquin, Oregano Oil, Garlicin, Sodium Diacetate Acid, Potassium Diformate, Diazinon, Bromadiolone Unguent, Urease Inhibitor, Closantel Sodium, Flubendazole Premix, Fenbendazole Powder, Nicarbazin Premix, Flumequine Soluble Powder, Oxolinic Acid Powder, Iodine and Acid Mixed Solution[...]



Diclazuril C17H9Cl3N4O2 Nuoqiu is the best anti-coccidial drug in the world. Effect is quick and highly. It has reliable destroying and inhibiting effect to all kinds of coccidial. Safe to use, no toxin side effect and no residual. The cost in using is low and convenient. It can be premixed and drank. Very low effective dosage (1ppm), no withdrawal time. It can be used as prevention for all kinds of coccidiosis. There are all kinds of types, like solution 0.5%, soluble[...]


[China]Veterinary Laser

Veterinary Therapy Diode Laser Systems Gigaa Diode Laser Veterinarians are worth having GIGAA supplies CHEESE, VELAS and GBOX serials medical diode lasers from 2.5W to 60W with wavelength of 810nm or 980nm, which have been used in many human clinical applications in the world. The practice and education of GIGAA Diode Laser also have been the driving force promoting the growth of laser use in veterinary medicine. During the past few years, however diode lasers have virtually replaces ND: YAG[...]