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[China]Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Features: 1) Meets EIA / TIA, IEC NTT and bell core GR 326-CORE Standard 2) Optional Connector: SC / LC / FC / ST / MTRJ / MU / DIN / D4/etc 3) PC, UPC, APC polishing 4) 0. 9mm, 2. 0mm, 3. 0mm cable diameter are avaiable 5) Single Mode ( 9/125 )or Multimode ( 50/ 125 or 62. 5/125 ) 6) Pigtail available 7) Customized Specification are welcome[...]


[China]Fiber Optic Connector

Features: 1) Optional connectors: SC / FC / ST / LC / MTRJ / MU / DIN/ D4 / etc... 2) PC, UPC, APC polishing 3) 0. 9mm, 2. 0mm, 3. 0mm and SM / MM type are available 4) Low insertion loss & low back reflection loss 5) Customized specifications are available 6) Easy installation & Environmentally stable Applications: 1) Telecommunications 2) Local area network 3) Fiber to the home 4) Video transmission 5) Fiber optic sensing 6) Testing instruments 7) CATV[...]


[China]Wire Mesh Cable Tray

We are a Chinese cable tray manufacturer. We offer various designs of cable trays with fair prices. If you are interested in our products, please kindly contact us.[...]


[China]Coaxial Cable ( KX6A)

Coaxial Cable (KX6A) : Specifications: 1) 7*0.2 mm Bare Copper + 3.7 mm SPE + 96*0.12 mm Bare Copper Braiding + 6.1 mm PVC 2) Customers' specifications are welcomed Note: 1) Center conductor: Tinned Copper, Bare Copper, and Copper Clad Steel available; 2) Al-foil: Non-bonded Al-foil, bonded Al-foil, double bonded Al-foil, and double non-bonded Al-foil are available; 3) Braiding wire: AL-Mg, Bare Copper and Tinned Copper available; 4) Braiding wire diameter: 0.10, 0.12, 0.13, 0.14,[...]


[China]outdoor fiber optic cable:GYTY53

A steel wire sometimes sheathed with Polyethylene (PE) for cable locates in the center of cores as a metallic strength member. Tubes are stranded around the strength member into a compact and circular and circular cable core. The APL (Aluminum Polyethelene Laminate) is longitudinally applied over the cable core, which is filled with the filling compound to protect it from water ingress. Then the cable core is covered with a thin PE inner sheath. After the PSP is longitudinally applied over the inner[...]


[China]Enhanced Distributing/Retrieving Rack for Tactical Fiber Optic Cable

Enhanced Distributing/Retrieving Rack Product Features: 1. Consists of frame(FTF-1000) & cable reel(R1000) 2. Is durable with metal structure. 3. Is foldable and space-saving. 4. Could be flexibly used as handcart when unfolded or as rack when bolstered. 5. Could be retrieved easily with traverse system. 6. Is reliable with metal lock-pin. Application: 1.As a particularly invented equipment, it could realize quick distributing and retrieving of cable in the field of[...]


[China]power distribution box

we can supply series of power distribution box in different shap, size, material, and also can supply wall switch, socket, circuit breaker, heater thermostat and more electric products[...]


[China]Wall-Mounted Connector For Tactical Fiber Optic Cable

Wall-Mounted Connector For Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Product Features: 1. Composed of Wall-mounted Receptacle for tactical fiber optic cableFC/SC/ST connector and tactical fiber optic cable, wall-mounted connector is similar to rapid connector in respect of features, and they are both neutrally designed. 2.With the Fixing part on the head of wall-mounted connector, It could be riveted to the wall of shelter and other cabinet. 3.One end of the wall-mounted connector is connected to[...]


[China]Tactical fiber optic cable for military application

Tactical fiber optic cable Particularly designed for the quick and iterative distributing&retrieving under the circumstances of military field and harsh environment, non-metal cable is light, portable, bendable, oil-resistant, rubbing- resistant, flame retardant, with high tensile, high crush resistance and wide operating temperature. It can be used under the following situations: quick deployment and iterative distributing-retrieving of military field communication[...]


[China]Lan cables CAT5e Cat6 (UTP, FTP, SFTP, -Messenger)

Lan Cables Cat5e, Cat6 (UTP, FTP, SFTP,-Messenger) A) Cat5e Series 1. Cat5e UTP Cable, 4x2x24AWG BC, HDPE insulation, 5.1mm PVC Jacket 2. Cat5e UTP Cable, 4x2x24AWG BC, HDPE insulation, 5.1mm PVC Jacket, 6.10mm PE Jacket 3. Cat5e FTP Cable, 4x2x24AWG BC, HDPE insulation, polyster, Foil shield, drain wire, 5.7mm PVC Jacket 4. Cat5e FTP-M Cable, 4x2x24AWG BC, HDPE insulation, polyster, Foil shield, drain wire, Messenger, 5.7*2.5mm PVC Jacket B) CAT6 Series 1. Cat6 UTP Cables, 4x2x23AWG[...]