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Country: China

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[China]FXSR-02 Colour Flame Birthday Candle

FXSR-02 colorful flame candle for birthday spiral appearance with four colors---- red, yellow, blue and green.[...]


[China]PVC panels, pvc wall panels, pvc window sills, plastic extrusion molding

PVC Window sill: Window sill is strong, waterproof, flame-resistant, made of 100% rigid PVC. The construction of the ribs provides extreme strength The upper surface is covered with the special hot adhesive film that makes it resistant to the scratch and aggressive spots. Color of window sill remains perfect kept in time under the influence of ultra-violet rays. It doesn’t need any additional painting, glazing or special care. The tools which are used while processing wood or plastic[...]


[China]Fiberglass grating, frp grating, grp grating

It is the earliest company in China to have introduced advanced technique and equipment from USA to manufacture FRP Moulded Grating in 1992. The product is a structural plate which uses high-strength E-Glass roving as reinforcing material, thermosetting resin as matrix and then cast and formed on a special metal mold. It provides properties such as: light in weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, solid and anti-skid,. It is widely used in oil industry, power engineering,[...]


[China]Fiberglass pultrusions

Our series of pultruded grating is made by a particular assembly process, which using "I" shape as its main load-bearing part and using special rod to go through the bearing bar. Our pultruded grating includes standard grating and custom grating, custom grating can be designed to meet customer's requirement or special using condition by changing the shape, size and space of the bearing bars, the surface can be covered with lozenge panel, grit panel, or added the anti-slippery sand directly.[...]


[China]Plastic containers, pvc panels, plastic injection & extrusion molding

Weihai J-Plas Product Co., Ltd. is a leading plastic manufacturer & exporter of plastic injection & extrusion molding products. Products include plastic parts bins,storage bins,plastic containers, folding containers, nesting containers, stacking containers, attached lid containers, Plastic Pallets, Pipe rack system, PVC-U pipes for water supply and drainage, PVC panels and molding for window sills and livestock farm fence, plastic injection mould and other customized products. We can[...]


[China]Manhole Cover With FRP Composite Material (no recycled)

Loading Capacity: According to the standard of BS EN124:1994 Class: A15, B125,C250,D400 ========================== We can supply various kinds of covers and frames with composite material of regenerated resin instead of ductile iron and grey iron castings, such as: Manhole cover, water meter tank cover, tree frame, grating, etc. Colorful street with these colorful products. Product Introduction: The main material is one kind of Fiberglass / Glass-firber Reinforced Polyester[...]


[China]pe protective film,carpet film

our company(HUALIBAO CO.,ltd) produce pe protective film ,which protect the surface of stainless,glass,window-sill and so on, i hope we can have a cooperation in the future!1[...]


[China]pe film,carpet film

our company(HUALIBAO CO.,ltd) produce pe protective film ,which protect the surface of stainless,glass,window-sill and so on, i hope we can have a cooperation in the future!1 samlee[...]


[China]PEEK, PES, PPS, LCP,PPSU engineering plastic parts

Our plastic&rubber injection can provide kinds of precise engineering plastic &rubber components, especially for engineering material plastic parts, also including hot pressing parts. Including - Household Appliance Parts - Automotive Parts - Medical Parts - Lighting Industrial Parts - Industrial Plastic Parts - And Assembling, Fast Prototyping Service We have our own tooling shop in house, that can make us to fulfill our customer demand faster with sound[...]


[China]sell packing tape

PRODUCT water base Acrylic glue, BOPP packing tape(with super clear, low noise),stationary tape, masking tape, a luminum metalized OPP tapes, PVC insulation tape, double side tissue tape, cloth duct tape, fiber glass tape, kraft paper tape, foam tape and other adhesive tapes Packing tape Packing Tape is made with BOPP film and coated with emulsion based acrylic adhesive, The range of usage includes sealing, steadying, canned food's sealing and packing, which has the advantages of high resistant[...]