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[China]Geothermal ground-source heat pump

Ground source heat pumps use a buried ground loop which transfers heat from the ground into a building to provide space heating and, in some cases, to pre-heat domestic hot water. HISEER geothermal ground source heat pumps adopt with the following world famous parts: 1.Siemens or Carel controller 2.SWEP or GEA plate type heat exchanger 3.Emersion expansion valve 4.Hitachi scroll compressor 5.Honeywell R410a refrigeration 6.Schneider AC contactor 7.Honeywell 3 way revert valve is optional[...]


[China]SELL satellite receiver Viewsat Ultra

Viewsat Ultra The newest receiver from Viewsat! New features include USB support, 7 day EPG, more power and memory and much more. Comes with diseqc switch, cable, remote and 1 year FTA support for every Viewsat fix. The new unit supports a beefer and newer design Processor from Conexant. The unit also sports a 4mb flash area, and 32 megs of RAM. A USB 2.0 compatible port is also included for flashing the unit, or displaying digital pictures on your tv, as well as for playing mp3's. Card reader[...]


[United States]Alia Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter ADP9000

ADP9000 series is a digital differential pressure transmitter designed for industrial pressure measurement applications.The ADP9000 offer of Configurations for Differential, gas, absolute Vacuum liquid-Level measurements including integrated solutions for pressure, level and flow. FEATURES Updating time of output current in 200 ms Improved performance, increased accuracy, greater stability Two Years stability of 0.2% 0.075% accuracy Parameter setting by local keypad or RS485 communication[...]


[Taiwan]M3510A 6 1/2 High Speed Digital Multimeter

.High-Speed Sampling Rate (50000 Rdgs./Sec.) .Direct Measurement via Thermocouple (Built-In Cold Junction Compensation to improve Accuracy) .Dual Measurement & Dual Display (Including Thermocouple Measurement) .Capacitance Measurement .Multi-Measurements & Mathematic Functions .Wide Range Current Measurement (Up to 10 A) .DCV Accuracy < 0.012% in 1 Year .High Sensitivity (DCV: 0.1 μV & Resistance: 100 μΩ) .Plug & Play Interface: Built-In USB 2.0 (Support USBTMC Protocol) .High[...]


[Taiwan]Wireless Tour Guide System

Meicheng Tour guide system WT-480T / R is a UHF wireless tour guide system which performs better signal quality to get low s / n radio (signal noise) than VHF does. The WT-480R receiver has a hang-type earphone, simultaneously transferring 16 selectable channels and 6 channels parallel without interference. This system includes rechargeable batteries. Simply plug in the charger directly (HDC-30, HDC-202) for a long time use. Our tour guide system could be a tour guiding tool in museum, factory, gallery,[...]


[China]Series DMTFB Clamp-on Transit-time Flow Meters

Series DMTFB wall-mount Clamp-on Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meters provide abundant capabilities for accurate liquid flow measurement from outside of a pipe. It utilizes state-of-the-art technologies in ultrasonic transmission receiving, digital signal processing and transit-time measurement. The proprietary signal quality tracking and self-adapting technologies allow the system to optimally adapt to different pipe materials automatically. The flow meters of the DMTF family are carefully designed[...]


[Germany]MEphisto Scope UM202, UM203 16 bit multifunctional instrument, scope

Robust, mobile 16 bit multifunctional instrument, scope and logger for USB 2.0 7 measurement instruments in one! This multifunctional instrument includes a 16 bit digital storage oscilloscope, a spectrum analyser with FFT, a volt meter, a logic analyser, a data logger and a digital switchbox with 24 I/O lines. The instrument has a very robust metal housing: It is a device you can rely on - even in rough, mobile applications as for example in maintenance, service and education. With its low[...]


[Germany]GPIB Serial DAQ and Control Boxes

Direct measurement and control with GPIB. These DAQ and control boxes deliver digital or analog inputs and outputs as well as thermocouple inputs, which all can be controlled directly via serial interface. Multi I/O and thermocouple DAQ box for serial: Model 23x7 * DAQ/control box with serial RS232/422/485 interface: Also as OEM board version. * 6 single-ended 12 bit analog inputs, ranges: ±10 V, ±5 V, 0...5 V, 0...10 VDC. Rate 50 Samples/s. * 4 inputs for thermocouples type[...]


[China]Color viewing cabinet,color viewing light

S60, C130, S66 Color Viewing Cabinets(Color viewing light,CAC Light box, Light cabinet, Color box) provide the most accurate light cabinet for visual color matching and visual color evaluation or comparison of fabrics, garment, cloth, textiles, leathers and so on. Features: Conform to International standard:ISO ASTM DIN BSI ANSI CIE etc. Microcomputer controlled. Quick and reliable Color assessment; Auto conversion between light sources; No warm-up;No flick;No heat emission; Elapsed Time[...]


[China]Glossmeter,gloss meter,grossmeter

I. Portable glossmeters: Model: 60D Technical data: (1) Measure range: Low level 0~199. 9 Gu High Level 0~1999 Gu (2) Stability: Less than ±0. 4Gs/30min (3) Readout error: Less than ±1. 2Gu(Low level) Less than ±12Gu(High level) (4) Power supply: One 1. 5V AA alkaline battery or one rechargeable battery Voltage: 0. 8V~1. 5V (5) Cast angle: 60° Facular dimension 60 degree: 11*22mm (6)Measure oar dimension: 14*28mm (7) Environment temperature: 0-40 C degree Relative humidity:[...]