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[Poland]Special electric motors

TransComfort is a representative from the German manufacturer EMOD Electric motors. In our offer you can find: One-and three-phase IP 55 electric motors, special execution: IP 67, submersible IP 68, IP 23 Open Type motors, lifting, external rotor, positioning drives, inverter-controlled motors, marine motors, DC IP 44 + IP 23, reluctance motors, variable speed, servo motors, water-cooled motors, slip ring, progressive, flat, etc. TransComfort company brings robust and reliable solutions. This company[...]


[Poland]Frequency inverter

Frequency inverter - power range 0,5-132 kW HITACHI production[...]


[Poland]PLC cotrollers

PLC controlers, series EH-micro, EH-150, H series, EH-RIO series[...]


[Poland]Emitters of Kerbl type

Emitters of Kerbl type, with and without switch[...]




NEF30-MC digital meters constitute a development of the NEF30 series that has so far included control buttons, lamps and signal indicators. All NEF30-MC indicators feature the same characteristics: the possibility of installing in a standardised Ø 30.5mm hole, and a wide range of supply voltage – 24÷230V AC/DC. Their design has been coordinated with other devices of the NEF30 series. They have been adapted to be used together with NEF30 devices, as panel-mounted meters for industrial applications.[...]




Power sources of ENI-ZB family are designed for supplying loads during decays of input voltage. Output voltages of ENI-ZB power sources varies from 24 to 400VAC or 24 to 240VDC with output power up to 100kVA, and time of operation dependent on the auxiliary battery.[...]


[Poland]Engine speed controllers

Engine speed controllers from ENI-RS family are designed for monitoring the work of AC or DC motors with output powers up to 200kVA, and overloads up to 500%, maximal output voltage frequency up to 200Hz. Designed according to the characteristics of loads compatible wit destination of the drive (pumps, fans, compressors).[...]


[Poland]Power supplies

Power supplies from ENI-ZS family with input voltages from 24 up to 400VAC or 12 up to 3000VDC, and output voltages from 6 to 400VAC or 12 to 1000VDC, output powers up to 100kVA, and output voltage stabilization.[...]