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[China]Wireless transfer

Wireless transfer,wireless transmition,wireless control, wireless remote control, wireless technology,industrial control, MCU development, automatic control,intelligent home, servo control, allzool, electronic toy We specialize in concept development and electronic solution. If you have a project or concept that needs to become a reality, we Allzool can help. With mutual respect and honesty, we provide our customers with personalized service and electronic products . As a famous supplier in[...]


[China]Temperature Controlllers/Thermostats (Servo 9000 Intelligence PID )

Introduce: Main function 1, Measure the input signal, feedback the input signal to choose wantonly in the valve location. 2, Feedback and break to enter the manual state automatically in the valve location. 3, The course amount is pointed out, setting value, control amount point out etc. That shows triply. 4, Control PID regulator positive and negative function choose, can set up regulator upper limit and lower limit lag behind to output amplitude limiting independently while being[...]


[China]nductive Proximity Sensors /Inductance Proximity Switch/(LM8)

Various Proximity sensor/switches/sensors, Photoelectric sensor, SSR, with full selection of specifications. Our proximity switches covers: Inductance proximity switches, Capaitance proximity switches, Hall sensor, Mimic linear sensors, Reed sensor, and Safety explosion-proof sensors are very available with us. Just take the Inductance proxmity sensor as an example, it can be supplied with Cylinder type, Angular column and plane installations, output form (NPN, PNP, TWo wire DC output, AC two[...]


[China]Automatic Transfer / Load Break Switches (ATS)

GLD automatic transfer switch / Load breaker switch/ Isolating switch (ATS) integrates switch and logic control, it doesn't need adding the controller. It really realizes that the mechanical-elec - trical integration. This automatic transfer switches/load break switches/ ATS has many functions like voltage test, communication inter - face, electrical and mechanical inter - locking, even it also can run automatic control, electromotion remote control and urgent manual control. To realize the operation[...]


[China]Moulded Case Circuit Breakers/MCCBs/ MCCB(NS)

Telemecanique MCCBs/ TE MCCBs/ Telemecanique Circuit breakers/ TE moulded case circuit breakers / Telemecanique moulded case circuit breakers M2(NS)690V, 50HZ/60HZ, 12. 5~630A; M2 series of moulded case circuit breaker is one of our new type products developed and manufactured by adopting international advanced technology. It is supplied with rated insulating voltage 950V and used for circuit of A. C. 50Hz(60Hz) rated operating voltage AC 690 V. (or below), rated operating current is 12. 5A[...]


[China]AC Contactor (LC1-D New Type)

LC1-D New series A.C contactors are suitable for frequency 50/60Hz, rated insulation voltage up to 1000V, rated operation current 9~330A under AC-3 duty. It is mainly used for making/breaking electric circuits at a long distance & for frequent starting/stopping & controlling AC Motor It is used in combination with thermal relay to compose a magnetic motor starter, The product conforms to GB14048.4, IEC60947-4 & VDE0660 standards.[...]


[Taiwan]High efficiency motor

High efficiency~ increase energy workability, loss less 10%~30% than standard, the more motor running, the more energy saving. Low vibration ~ precision process, energy balance, low vibration. Low noise~ high efficiency motor is less loss, lower Mag Flux Density, precision process, energy balance and low noise. 3 phase motor is designed against international characteristics and quality spec. Low noise, long validity motor is the most economic tools. Design standard: IEC 、 JIS 、 CNS.[...]


[China]AC Contactor (GMC Type)

1) Circuit: AC 50Hz/60Hz 2) Rated working voltage: up to 660V 3) Rated working current: up to 85A 4) Can switch on and of a remote circuit, protecting it from eventual overload 5) Suitable for marking, breaking, frequently starting and controlling the AC motor 6) Combined with auxiliary contact block, timer delay and machine-interlocking devise, it becomes delay contactor, mechanical interlocking contactor, star-delta starter 7) Combined with thermal relay, it becomes electromagnetic starter[...]


[Bulgaria]Sine Wave Inverter Clever 1000W

Input voltage: 175 - 265VAC Input frequency: 50Hz+ 5Hz Inversion voltage: 220VAC+ 3% DC voltage: 1KW – 24VDC Output waveform: Pure sine wave THD: < 3% Transfer time: < 4ms Automatic transfer Recharge current: Average charge current: 10A 1KW. Max charge current:1KW. CPU controls automatic charge. Overload protection: Lock the machine automatically when overload over 100-120% for 25 seconds; lock the machine automatically when overload over 120-200%[...]


[Poland]Control push buttons NEF22

Control drives of the NEK22M series with black plastic bodies are intended for installation in standardised Ø22.5mm holes, in numerous types of control and signal equipment, or directly into bodies of machines and equipment. They are intended to work with the EF22X and EF22Y switching elements manufactured by SN Promet. NEF22 drives are comprised of the following elements: - A driver, also referred to as the button drive; - An intermediate element, also referred to as the intermediate body. Backlit[...]