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[Taiwan]VoIP Gateway EzSKY200

VoIP Gateway EzSKY200: ‧ A machine multiple using traditional telephone and network telephone. ‧ Plug and use, change phone base no resetting ‧ Simple and easy hardware setting and software installation ‧ Friendly user interface,easily set up . ‧ Small, and easily carry. ‧ Excellent quality , and clear sound ‧ Call waiting ,can pick up PSTN call waiting during on skype ‧ Building Phone book up to 9900. ‧ Speeding dial up can integrate with private branch exchange ‧[...]


[Taiwan]SIP Gateway ZOT-104

SIP Gateway ZOT-104: • Ideal for home and office; compact design and universal power adapter for traveling • Password enabled VoIP-to-PSTN and PSTN-to-VoIP call routing; make and receive calls from any public switch telephone network (PSTN) via the FXO phone port • SIP 2.0 (RFC 3261), TCP/UDP/IP, RTP/RTCP, ICMP, ARP/RARP, DNS, DHCP (both client and server), NTP, PP PoE, STUN, TFTP, etc. • Remote device configuration via TFTP server with encrypted configuration files; AutoPro ® Automated[...]


[Taiwan]Skype Communication Server U704

U704 is an affordable platform for converged Skype and Web applications for small to medium business with 4 to 16 users. With U704, it saves cost for traditional Landline or Internet Leased Line effectively to build a Web Call Center. U704 converts all your PBX extension phone set into IP Phones in minutes. Benefit -The Economic IP Telephony Starter -Platform for Web Site Server and Call Center -Simple to use, install, and maintain -Web Call Center with potential Skype customers without[...]


[Taiwan]Skype Communication Server U708

A Skype solution U708 for your business and immediately upgrades your traditional telephone system to VoIP communication. U708 enables you Skype Call-out or Skype Call-in with your office exisiting PBX extension phone set. U708 provides unlimited phone book capacity of registering unlimited Skype ID users. Benefit -Quick Return on Investment from Landlines to Internet calls for office to office, B2B Supplier Chain communication. -New Value of Web Call Center with potential Skype customers[...]


[Taiwan]MSAP5240 VoIP Access Gateway

MSAP5240 is a multi-purpose VoIP gateway designed to meet the needs of service providers and enterprises. The platform offers a full range of VoIP gateway solutions for scalable customer premises. With MSAP5240, service providers can provide telephony and fax services to subscribers using many access methods such as FTTB and FTTC. Enterprises can use the MSAP5240’s traditional PBX interface to implement voice VPN solutions with their private IP or public VPN networks. MSAP5240 can also serve as[...]



EzSKY050: ‧ Use a regular phone or cordless to make Skype call . ‧ Plug in and use, suitable for any phone line, can be changed without reinstallation. ‧ Easy hardware and software installation. ‧ User-friendly interface, Small and portable travel. ‧ View status log that can record all call status ‧ Supports skype conference call ‧ Plug & Play, Fully supports skype[...]



EzSKY150: ‧ With a regular phone set or cordless to make common phone calls and Skype ‧ Plug & play for different phone lines. No need to reset. ‧ Easy hardware installation and software configuration. ‧ User-friendly interface,small size, and easy to carry. ‧ Excellent communication quality, clear sound effect. ‧ Call waiting function to take incomming regular phone calls from a Skype communication status. ‧ Offer 9,900 sets phone book for speed dial . ‧ Incoming[...]


[Taiwan]Skype phone with PDA

1. USB PC synchronize 2. Internet phone 3. Corrency conversion 4. Alarm clock 5. Secret lock 6. 100 records storage 7. Touch screen 8. Home time & world time 9. Telephone & E-mail 10. Address book 11. 8-digital calculator 12. Auto power off[...]


[Taiwan]Skype VOIP

Skype VOIP: 1. PC-to-PC and PC-to-phone operation; 2. Easy installed Driver, plug and play. 3. USB2.0 compatible; 4. No need sound card; 5. No external power required; 6. Complies with H.323, MGCP, SIP protocol; 7. Echo cancellation, noise reduction; 8. Application support: Skype, Netmeeting /Messenger, Sjphone, Mediaring, Net2phone, Dialpad, Etalk, X-PRO, X-PRO Vonage, Firefly, Eyebeam and so on; 9. Full duplex communication; 10. Support Skype speed-dialing function; 11. Key-in tone function.[...]


[Taiwan]VoIP Gateway

This VoIP gateway, delivers the seamless integration of traditional and IP-based telephony to residential and SOHO user by truning any PSTN telephone into a dual function PSTN and VoIP handset. No need for special telephones, headsets, routers, additional phone jacks or adapters. This VoIP gateway's intelligent forwarding features enable forwarding of incoming VoIP calls to your mobile phone, toll bypass from your mobile phone, and forwarding incoming instant messaages to mobile SMS. Intelligent[...]