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[China]Sodium Hydrosulfite

Sodium Hydrosulfite 85% & 88% Appearance: Free-flowing white crystalline powder Odor: Odorless or with a slight odor of sulfur dioxide Application Widely used in the textile industry for vat dyeing, reduction cleaning, printing and stripping, textile materials bleaching. Used in bleaching paper pulps, especially mechanical pulp; Being used to bleach kaolin clay. As a reducing agent, it is used in organic synthesizing.[...]


[China]Antimony Trioxide (Sb2O3)

We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of antimony products in China. We provide different grades of antimony trioxide with high quality, reasonable price and prompt delivery. Best regard with thanks.[...]


[China]Flame Retardant (BT-93W) Ethylenebistetrabromophthalimide

Dear Sir, We are a leading producer and exporter in China of Flame Retardant (BT-93W) Ethylenebistetrabromophthalimide. Product description: Formula: C18H4O4N2Br8 Molecular Weight: 951.5 CAS Registry Number: 32588-76-4 Appearance: white powder Bromine%(theoretical):>=8805;66.7% Average particle size (um): 50 TGA(TA Instruments,10℃/min under N2) 1% weight loss: 315 oC; 5% weight loss: 420 oC; 10% weight loss: 430 oC; 50% weight loss: 458 oC; 90% weight loss:[...]


[China]Tetrabromobisphenol A{TBBA}

Product Name:Tetrabromobisphenol A{TBBA} CAS NO.: 79-94-7 EINECS NO.: 201-236-9 FORMULA: C15H12Br4O2 MOL WT.: 543.92 SYNONYMS:TetrabromobisphenolA ;TBBPA;2,2-bis (3,5-bromo-4-hydroxyphenyl) propane; 4,4'-isopropylidenebis (2,6-dibromophenol) 4,4'-(1-methylethylidene) bis (2,6-dibromophenol); Tetrabromodihydroxydiphenyl propane PHYSICAL STATE: white powder MELTING POINT: 178 degree Celsius BOILING POINT: Approx. 316 degree Celsius Whiteness: 20APHA MAX. Relative Density (D420):[...]


[China]Flame Retardant Decabromodiphenyl Oxide(DPDPO)

Items:Decabromodiphenyl Oxide(DPDPO) Molecular formula: C12Br10O Whiteness>92 Melting point: 300-310oC Bromine content>82% Free bromine<20ppm Pb<50ppm Fe<10ppm Volatile<0.05% Average particle size: 5um Packing:Plastic coating PP bag, 20kg/bag Application: Additive flame retardant; widely used for thermoplastic plastics; and retardant for nylon fiber and polyester cotton fiber textile as well Best regard with thanks Perry Lee[...]


[India]Specialty Dyestuffs

Acid Orange 10 CAS 1936-15-8 Disperse Orange 3 CAS 730-40-5 Solvent Orange 60 CAS 6925-69-5 Basic Orange 21 CAS 3056-93-7 Mordant Orange 1 CAS 2243-76-1 Direct Orange 102 CAS 6598-63-6 Acid Blue 7 CAS 3486-30-4 Acid Blue 1 CAS 129-17-9 Solvent Red 111 CAS 82-38-2 Solvent Red 135 CAS 20749-68-2 Solvent Red 168 CAS 1096-48-6 Solvent Red 169 CAS 27354-18-3 Acid Red 66 CAS 4196-99-0 Solvent Red 24 CAS 85-83-6 Solvent Red 52 CAS 81-39-0 Disperse Red 50 CAS 12223-35-7 Basic[...]


[India]Surplus, Excess stock of Stains

Fast blue bb base 120-00-3 Fast garnet GBC salt 101-89-3 Fast Green FCF 2353-45-9 Fast Sulphon Black F 3682-47-1 Fluorescein 2321-07-5 Fluorescein, Sodium salt 518-47-8 Fuchsin Acid 3244-88-0 Fuchsin Basic 632-99-5 Fuchsin Basic 569-61-9 Gallocyanine 1562-85-2 Guinea Green B 4680-78-8 Indigo Carmine 860-22-0 Indole-3-Propionic Acid 830-96-6 Indoline Blue 4569-88-4 Leuco Crystal Violet 603-48-5 Light Green SF 5141-20-8 Malachite Green Carbinol Base 510-13-4 Malachite Green Oxalate[...]


[India]Stains for sale

Alcian Blue 8GX, Alcian Yellow, Alizarin Cyanin Green G, Alizarin Red S, Alizarin Saphirol B, Alizarin Yellow R Sodium Salt, Alizarin, Amido Black 10B, Auramine O, Azorubine S, Benzopurpurin 4B, Biebrich Scarlet, Bismark Brown R, Bismark Brown Y, Brilliant Black BN, Brilliant Blue R250, Brilliant Crocein, Brilliant Green, Carmine, Carminic Acid, Carmosine, Chicago Sky Blue 6B, Chocolate Brown, Chrome Azurol S, Chromotrope 2B, Chromotrope 2R, Chromotropic[...]



Enzymes for Agriculture, Animal Healthcare, Aquaculture, Baking, Bating, Bio Polishing, Bio Washing, Bioremediation, Bio-Scouring, Bread Improvers, Brewing , Cattle Feed, Defolding , Degreasing , Dehairing , Denim, Desizing , Distilling , Enzymatic Bio-fertilizers, Bio-pesticides, Enzyme Therapy, Beam House Processing, Wet Blue Processing, Flour Bleaching , Fruit Juice Processing, Grain Processing , Jute, Leather, Liquefaction, Pond Hygiene, Poultry, Soaking, Sweetener, Textile,[...]


[India]Specialty products

-Admantane carboxylic acid 828-51-3 1-Adamantanol 768-95-6 2-Adamantanone 700-58-3 2-Adamantanone 700-58-3 N-(1-Adamantyl)acetamide 880-52-4 1-Adamantyl methyl ketone 1660-04-4 Acesufame-K 55589-62-3 2-Acetamido-5-aminobenzenesulfonic acid 96-78-6 4-Acetamido-2-aminobenzenesulfonic acid 88-64-2 3-Acetamido-4-hydroxy-N-methyl-benzenesulfonamide 80-23-9 4-Acetamido-4'-nitro-2'-sulfamyl-diphenylsulfone 25006-65-9 2-(Acetonyloxy)-3,4-difluoronitrobenzene [...]