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[Poland]Foreign language courses

We offer foreign language courses and training: 1. Courses in English and German: - general (children, young learners and adults); - specialised (for companies and institutions); - preparatory: A-Level (Polish "Matura") and international exams (eg. the Cambridge Certificates). 2. Individual and group consultation, tutoring and language counselling in English. Why not try us![...]


[Poland]language courses

English Courses GENERAL ENGLISH: 2 times a week 90-minute sessions Specialist Courses: specially-designed courses in the following areas: Presentations, Meetings, Negotiating, Courses for Restaurant and Bar Staff and Legal English . The courses can be adapted to whatever time is available (eg. intensive over 1 week or extensive over several months). Exam Preparation Courses: General English examinations (ie. FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS) Business English examinations (ie. BEC, LCCI Exams, TOLES)[...]


[Poland]individual language lessons

individual language lessons, Polish language for foreigners[...]


[Poland]Polish language school, translation and interpretation

ACADEMIA POLONICA managed and owned by Ewa Masłowska PhD consists of the language experts in the field of editing, translating, interpreting & language teaching, especially Polish for foreigners. Since 1991 we have co-operated with both: foreign companies in Poland & Polish companies providing them professional language service. Years of experience made us one of the foremost group for tutorial assistance to foreign corporations and diplomatic institutions. Academia Polonica offers[...]


[Taiwan]Meal-replacement Biscuit

The biscuit is completely natural. It contains many types of nutrients, such as vitamin A, B2, B12, E, calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium. It contains few calories. The biscuit is suitable for people who want to lose weight or do not want to gain weight. Every bar (14g) contains only 60 calories. Take 2 or 3 bars per meal. The biscuit contains guava leaf polyphenol, which can prevent the absorption of starch. It also contains flavonoids, which are anti-oxidants. The main ingredients[...]


[Poland]Polish for foreign wives and husbands

Program for foreign wives and husbands - with mixed marr iages and international families occurring more and more often in Poland, the course focuses on the daily routine and on family contacts, like meeting new family and relations, getting in touch with partners' friends. The course also introduces Polish customs, traditions and cultural conventions. At the advanced level, historical, economic and cultural information is included. 60 x 45' lessons programs on all levels: A0-C2 crash - 2 weeks[...]


[Poland]Polish for foreigners

Polish for foreigners – Polish for business Academia Polonica provide tuition in Polish – with the program focus on general communication and social interaction. We operate since 1998 helping foreign managers to exist on Polish market and make their life more comfortable and easier. We provide our students with short courses. Being thought by professional and experienced tutor you can start speaking polish in 4 weeks. The communicative approach and well selected methods will easy[...]


[China]Chinese Learning

If you want to know more about Chinese culture or study the long history of China, if you want to work or live in China, or if you have to use Chinese in your work or life, you’d better learn some Chinese at least. If you want to learn Chinese or need to learn Mandarin or any Chinese dialect, we will be your best solution. We are a professional Chinese translation agency with over 12 years of experience in the business, teaching foreigners Chinese is one of our four mainstay businesses. Our One-to-One[...]