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[China]Spray Powder Extraction System

Fit for All Kinds of Printing Press McLantis spray powder extraction system is fully compatible with any printing press. e.g. Heidelberg, MAN-Roland, KBA, Mitsubishi, Komori, Ryobi, and others Best Solution for Printing Quality and Press Room Pollution Caused by Spray Powder McLantis spray powder extraction system automatically collect the spray powder in the tank, ensuring less spray powder dropping and less damage to gear chain and electronic circuit of the offset printing press; thus[...]


[China]Plate Baking Oven

Exquisite Design The stainless steel frame ensures no vitiation to the plate. Upstanding double plate drawing frame reduces heat bleeding, thus saving energy. Multiplied Plate Run Length McLantis stand plate oven can bake conventional plate and CTP plate. Plate baking multiplies the run length on press. Precise Temperature Control McLantis stand plate oven is equipped with automatic temperature control at normal temperature to 250 degree Celsius. High Temperature Uniformity Duet[...]


[China]Offset Plate Register Punch

Time and Material Saving and Operator Satisfaction McLantis new innovative plate register punches will pre-register and punch the offset plates, as well as bending them for ease of the press operator. Time saved on press and operator satisfaction gained. This saves your skilled press operator line-up and register, job after job, on the expensive multi-unit press; avoid causing damage to your heavy investment. Precise Register and Easy Operation Two CCD lens enabling 40X magnification of[...]


[China]X Ray Film Processor

Accurate Manufacturing PVC cylinder body compound mould with high temperature endurable and corrosion resistance and it is durable. The close-down side board is convenient to maintain. The metal components use stainless steel of Germany standard 316L to process accurately. Liquid Display Liquid display, microcomputer control, digital adjust each data of wash process. It can replace traditional stimulation adjustable, which make temperature, speed more intuitiosnic, more accurate. It installs[...]


[China]Plate Conveyor

Exquisite Design Small, simple and flexible. It is designed with optional components allowing you to configure a compact conveyor that meets your specific requirements. Easy Installation It comes complete with belts, motor and built-in power supply, and can be connected to a single phase power outlet. Reliability Reliable seamless belts for transporting plates without damage.[...]


[China]Printing Blanket

1. High performance. 2. Suitable for different size paper. 3. The superfine surface guarantees high performance printing. 4. Stabilizing fabrics, high blotting and low distortion. 5. Durability and stable quality.[...]


[China]QDASY-B Automatic High Speed Gravure Press

1. Use&feature: 1). This machine is used for bopp. Pet. Pvc. Pe and paper etc with good printing performance of rolling material for multi color continuous printing. 2). The whole machine is fixed by permutation composition, according to the customers'requirement the printing color unit can be increased or Decreased as well as the cover printing mechanism can be added. 3). The main body with frequency regulator, the whole machine with three-sigment eternal tension to control. 4). Each[...]


[China]auto ekranie drukarki

Ten system automatycznego drukowania prasy jest specjalnie używane do druku na różnych modeli obiektów z okrągłego kształtu lub owalny kształt. Jak składa się z kilku jednostek do druku tworzą łańcuch, może być wykorzystywana do celów drukowania wielu kolorów. W materiałach, które mają być drukowane można plastik, szkło, ceramika, metal, itp.[...]


[China]Large Size Plane screen printer

Widely applied to electronic appliances, computer keys, a remote control button, silicone power switch printing, backlight plate printing, advertising, packaging printing, sports products, toys, stationery gifts and other industries. For example, various types of printing products to the printing paper, all types of PVC, PET, PC,PC and other soft Material, hard film, various panels, membrane switch, paper, nameplate, keyboards, instruments, electronics and other products. And a variety of different[...]


[China]Four color Pad Printer & Close ink Cup

1.Controlled by microprocessor,easy operation,running stably and accurately. 2.4-digit auto counter built-in. 3.Cast aluminum machine frame,low weight and high intensity,turnable machine head. 4.Separate adjustment of the pad up/down stroke speed. 5.Ink scraper is auto balance keeping in printing. 6.With the function of ink scraping nonstop without printing in order to prevent ink from drying. 7.Ink cup is turnable and adjustable in vertical and horizontal direction. 8.Super long slide[...]