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[China]High quality PS plate for offset printing

Positive PS Plate for lithographic printing:KLP-SS Properties: 1) High sensitivity : High photosensitive material reduces exposure time and increases the efficiency of plate-making procedure 2) High resolution : Special ingredients, together with the optimally distributed formula weight of binding polymers, in the coating of KLP-SS offer fine dots with sharp edges and reproduce images with rich tone 3) Excellent hydrophilicity Multi-grains and Hydrophilic Treatment (PAT Treatment)[...]


[China]Electroluminescent phosphor

TYPE B: Average particle size 29μm, high brightness, heat resistance, suitable for application to plastic and enamel panel. TYPE S: Average particle size 9μm, better brightness, homogeneous emitting effect, suitable for application to glass and plastic panel. TYPE C: Average particle size 29μm, With characteristic of particle surface being coated, it has good humidity resistance, prolonged application lifetime , high brightness, no need of sealed package, suitable for application to plastic[...]


[Taiwan]Uplux 405 CTcP Plate

High UV sensitive emulsion Unlike traditional PS plate; our UPLUX 405 has adapted high UV sensitive emulsion. You will be able to have a clear image on the plate. Outstanding chemicals resistance, durability and wide latitude Strong chemicals established UPLUX 405’s advantages of high impression and durability. The impression of UPLUX 405’s could go up to 150,000 runs unbaked and 1,000,000 after baked. Consistent quality, solid reliability and wide latitude. UPLUX 405 could be use in[...]


[Taiwan]Artyong Thermal CTP Plate

The MAXMA ARTYONG Thermal CTP Plate, who is carried up from years of experiences and trained upon matured technologies, provides quality consistency of the world’s class. ARTYONG works easily and reliably at wide operation latitude in imaging and processing. ARTYONG also runs an outstanding performance in the pressroom where it transforms dots enormously from digital to tangible. Most important of all, due to the nature of his matured characteristics, he roams in compliance with the most popular[...]


[China]Filter media

We are largest manufactur of filter media in China, including: 1.nylon monofilament mesh and polyester monofilament mesh, mesh count from 5-420mesh/inch, used in filtration and screen printing 2.needle felt for filter bags for dust collector 3.polyester monofialment belt for belt press If you are intrested in our products, please contact us[...]


[China]Dye sublimation transfer series

Use the sublimation ink printing the image, and then choose the right machine transfer the image on the objects. This series include below products: 1), Mug heat press machine-use on transfer the image on coated mug, glass mug, metal bottle and other column objects. 2), Plate heat press machine-use on transfer the image on coated plate. 3),Plain heat press machine-use on transfer the image on T-shirt, Mouse pad, Pillow, jean, flax, canvas and chemical fiber. 4) Sublimation ink-Printing the image. Also[...]


[China]PS Plate, Offset Printing Plate

Negative working, Positive working & CTP thermal offset printing plate (PS Plate). All plate made by hi-speed coil production lines. Capable to supply 20-30 million sqm of printing plate per year. Plate chemistry also available.[...]


[Poland]T-shirt Transfer

This paper is an addition to the new digital hobby 2003 range. It allows you to transfer printed motifs, drawings, photos, etc. onto light-coloured cotton clothing or accessories, such as a tee-shirt, a banner, a cloth bag or a cap. • 5 printing sheets, A4 format, 140g with one side covered with protective film. • 1 branding sheet to transfer the motif onto the material.[...]



[Poland]Coated Mi-teintes Art Paper

Colour inkjet fine art paper. Single-coated “honeycomb” textured Mi-Teintes® paper. Exceptional rendering of colours. For making brochures and greeting cards or for personalising letters and invitations…For all colour inkjet printers.[...]



[Poland]Creative postcard Paper

This new product is sold in packets of five A4 sheets. On the back of each of the cards is the pre-printed postal format and on the other side, glossy photo paper. The end user can thus make completely original postcards by printing photos of holidays, family, events, etc. • Packet of 5 sheets. (I.e. 20 postcards) • Format A4. • 4 ready cut photos per A4 sheet. • Glossy inkjet paper, coated on 1 side. • Very good resolution: 1440 DPI[...]