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[Poland]Authoring and premastering

Authoring is a special process of DVD video discs preparation. It includes making the animated graphic background. We want each product to be unique and pleasing to the eye. Therefore the graphics prepared by our company is the integral part of a film. Due to the usage of the full professional and the most modern equipment and software, we offer the product fulfilling any requirements and fully in conformity with the specification of DVD-Video, which guarantees the highest quality of the recording.[...]



.Kolor i kształt - impresje Nadajemy kształt Twoim oczekiwaniom Kolor dodamy w prezencie[...]




Interesting matters, events, places can be told by reportage film. This is a short - from 15 to 30 minutes - film being a shortened, concise report. It can serve following puproses: - shortened documentation e.g. instead of written report - informative-advertising presentation - enclosure to books or leaflets contextually related to film - film for Television Examples of productions: - Reportages from Letnie Ogólnopolskie Spotkania z Teatrem i Filmem we Wdzydzach Kiszewskich [Summer[...]