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[China]Vacuum Oil Filter

500mm*2, vacuum oil filter, working capacity: 50---80kg oil /hour, power: 1. 1kw(4 poles)[...]


[China]Extrusion Foundry Ceramic Filter Series

We can supply all kind of ceramic foundry filters with different dimenssion(range:37*37 55*55 66*66 78*78 81*81 100*100 mm etc.) The mullite based ceramic material unites with a dense network of perfectly round/square cells to withstand thermal shock and extreme pouring temperatures. The cellular design also provides an engineered balance between flow rate and strength. All of these design features combine to remove dross, slag and other impurities from the melt. This results in outstanding[...]


[China]Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil, Insulating Oil Purifier, Oil Filtration Trailer

(Contact: Cathy Huang, Yahoo Mail/Gmail ID: hlrcatherine, Gmail ID: hlrcatherine, Yahoo Messenger ID: hlrcatherine, Skype: hyt728) Any of your requirement is highly welcomed, we are ready to reply you very soon. The Mobile Regeneration System (Model ZYM) has been specially designed for on site use to completely regenerate insulating oils in energized or de-energized transformers. The ZYM system provides regular oil purification such as degassing, drying and particulate removal but its main application[...]



Application: IIJ series fully automatic oil tester is designed as per the requirement of IEC156 Testing Method of Insulation Oil Medium Strength, which via proper programming, has got functions of auto boosting, step down, stirring, display and print out. After breakdown of oil medium, HV break off will operate within 10 seconds to enable an auto isolation of control system partly; this effectively safeguards the personnel security and equipment safety. The tester is suited for testing of the strength[...]


[China]Woven Wire Mesh

Woven Wire mesh is a woven metal fabric of individual metal wires woven over and under other wires positioned at 90 degree angles to each other. Wire cloth products include a broad range of design specifications consisting of a variety of weave styles, wire diameters and types of materials. Industrial Applications Petrochemical & Refining Industries (filtering) Chemical , Plastic , Synthetic fiber industry (drying , filtering) Paper & pulp industry (drying , washing) Food , Pharmaceutical[...]


[China]stainless steel wire mesh

Common Weaves: 1. Plain Woven ( Mesh Count per Inch: 2Mesh -325Mesh ) 2. Twill Weave (Mesh Count per Inch: 250Mesh - 500Mesh) 3. Plain Dutch Weave (Mesh Count per Inch: 12×64Mesh - 60×500Mesh) 4. Dutch Twill Weave (Mesh Count per Inch: 80×700Mesh-325×2300Mesh) 5. Reverse Dutch Weave (Mesh Count per Inch: 48×10Mesh - 625×140Mesh) 6. Five Heddle (Shed) Weave (Mesh Count per Inch: 38×38Mesh - 100×60Mesh) Precrimped Weaves: 1. Double Weave 2. Scalping Weave 3. Double Lock Crimp[...]


[China]Turbine oil purifier, oil regeneration system

TF (turbine oil purifier,Oil Regeneration, Oil Purification,oil reprocessing.Oil purify, Oil Recovery,Oil Processing,Oil Filtering,Oil Filtration, Oil Treatment,Oil Recycling,Oil Restoration,Oil disposal, Oil Reclamation)series oil filtration equipment is particularly suitable for purifying turbine lubricating oil. It also applys to treat hydraulic, coolant oil and other lubrication in which contains large amount of water, vapor, impurities, sludge, dielectric and colloid It can eliminate them[...]


[China]Lubrication Oil Purifier (Oil Regeneration, Oil Purification)

LV(lube oil purifier, Oil Regeneration, Oil Purification, oil reprocessing, Oil purify, Oil Recovery,Oil Processing,Oil Filtering,Oil Filtration, Oil Treatment,Oil Recycling,Oil Restoration,Oil disposal, Oil Reclamation)series is suitable especially for purifying and restoring hydraulic oil, machine oil, coolant oil and other lubrication oil. The most breakdown of machinery which has lubrication oil system results from contaminated lubrication in which has water, gas, impurities etc. LV series can[...]


[China]ZYD-D Double-Stage Highly Effective Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier

Contact with :August Skype:august.qi My mobilephone No:+86-15823511984 My office No:+86-23-68681153 Application: This oil purification plant is applied to filter various of unqualified insulation oils including aging transformer oil specially for the power which is above 110KV, mutual inductor oil, switch oil and so on. Also it can inject the insulating oil into the transformers on-line. Features: 1. High vacuum: High point-Vacuum≤5pa Working-vacuum≤35pa 2. High absorption speed:[...]


[China]Refrigeration Copper Filter Drier

Copper filter drier be using for refrigerator, showcase or air conditioner, etc which be produced by our own factory. The normal sizes be included 5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, 25g, 30g, 40g, 50g. The molecular sieve is XH-7 or XH-9. We accept the OEM producing according to customers requests. For more questions please contact with us.[...]