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Country: Russian Federation

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[Russian Federation]SpaceKraft IBC container for liquids, 208 liters

SpaceKraft IBC container for liquids, 208 liters Easy and effective replacement of steel containers and other IBCs that are used for transportation. Save up to 20% of you transportation space.[...]


[Russian Federation]Collapsible pillow tank for liquid hydrocarbons

Collapsible pillow tank (bladder) especially designed for containment, storing and transportation of liquid hydrocarbons including crude oil, diesel, petrol, gasoline, and heat fuel. Collapsible tank type PER-N manufacturing from high performance reinforced both side coated with polyester polyurethane fabric. Bladder shell material is providing mechanical strength, UV and weather resistance, leakage proofing and operability in the wide range of climate condition from -50ºC up to +50ºC. Standard[...]


[Russian Federation]SpaceKraft IBC container for liquids, 1000 liters

SpaceKraft IBC container for liquids, 1000 liters 8 layers of corrugated up to 5 containers[...]


[Russian Federation]Flexitank

Flexitank is specialized equipment for transportation and storage of all kinds’ non-dangerous bulk liquid cargoes and assigned in the standard 20-foot sea or railway container. The main function of Flexitank is bulk liquid transportations. Flexitank is a more economic way of bulk liquid cargoes transportation than using rail tanks and ISO tank containers. Flexitank is simple in usage and gives the opportunity to use container volume optimum. Evropac Flexitank consists of 4 food polyethylene[...]