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[United Kingdom]ESS 1A Can Closing Machine

We have commenced manufacturing our own version of the 1A Can Closing Machine, a can seamer which uniquely replicates the rotating can seaming process of fully automatic multi-head machines. The original version of the machine was manufactured by The Metal Box Company for many years and proved highly popular for low speed semi-automatic production and laboratory work. We have rebuilt many original MB 1A seamers but the diminishing availability of second-hand machines drove us to seek a solution[...]


[United Kingdom]TAJ Seamer Tooling

TAJ seamer tooling has been manufactured in the UK since 1966. Its mission is to manufacture good quality tooling in small batch quantities, on short lead-times and at prices below the high volume manufacturers. Since acquiring the TAJ product range in 2003, Eurocan has continued to support this legacy with long term investment in manufacturing, quality control, and research and development. Whether the seaming machine is a modern high speed Angelus, or a single head Metal Box from yesteryear,[...]