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[Poland]Metal Spinning Tools,Galvanotechnic,Pulverized lacquering

As a service we offer the option to make in our company all types of metal treatment (including copper and its alloys and austenitic steel), especially as roll flowing and spinning with complex shapes e.g.: lamp, ventilation parts, vases, dishes, covers, masking frames, collars, ash pits, supports etc. We make short, single series and long, repeatable ones. In our company we can provide full service from retail spinning to decoration or protection nickel, chrome, silver, copper, zinc, paint or lacquer layer.[...]

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[Egypt]Natural Graphite Products

Natural flake graphite and all kind of graphite dies. Our main item catalogues are as follows: ( 1) Natural flake graphite Size: 32mesh, 50mesh, 80mesh, 100mesh, -100mesh, -200mesh, -325mesh etc. Carbon: 90-99. 99% ( 2) Micronized graphite Size: 1 micron-38 micron Carbon: 90-99. 99% ( 3) Expandable graphite Size: 32mesh, 50mesh, 80mesh, 100mesh, -100mesh etc. Carbon: 90-99. 99% Expansion Ratio: 100, 150, 180, 200, 250, 280, 300 times Specifications: 9950250, 9950200,[...]


[China]Double port full lift safety valve

We are renowned manufacturers of well designed and highly efficient Double Port Safety Valves. Demanded by modern plants, our safety valves are capable of dealing with the pressure and temperature normally encountered in the steam process and compressed air. Our range of Double Port Safety Valves is as per the I.B.R guidelines . Our safety valves have a heat and corrosion resistant chrome alloy trim and are also top guided to ensure discharge capabilities. Moreover the carefully lapped flat faces[...]


[Poland]MOST TURBO INOX - Cutting wheels for stainless steel

Characteristics: - application: stainless steel - extra thin cutting wheels - for thin-walled elements, profiles and sheets - particularly fast cutting action, long service life, vibration-free cutting - does not contain iron-sulphuric compounds (Fe + S +Cl < 0,1%).[...]


[Poland]Machining / metal processing services

SERVICES: drilling, lathing, milling, cutting, burning, welding, polishing; traditional techniques and CNC PRODUCTS: car axles and spare parts for excavators, loaders, trucks and busses (axles, knuckles, housing, wheel hubs, brackets, arms, break drums, flanges, rings, covers). The best prove of putting a lot of effort into our job is gaining the Quality Management System ISO 9001-2001 in 2003. Being a member of EU community encourages as to opening up to foreign trade. We are especially[...]


[China]Heat treatment furnace accessories

Regular products like heat treatment fixture, trays and grids, cast baskets, roller rails, cast link belts,chain guides,fans, skid riders ,buttons,and other funace parts. Application: : For various types of heat treatment furnaces. Process: Precision casting/Investment casting/Sand casting, machining, sand blasting. Material: High Nickel and high Chrome heat resistant alloys, Cobalt base alloys, like. HU,HT,HK,HP,HW,24/24NbTiZr,50Cr/50Ni(2.4813),1.4865,1.4849,1.4848,1.4410,1.4059,1.4841,[...]


[Lithuania]Laboratory furnace SNOL 8,2/1100

Precise laboratory electric muffle furnace SNOL 8,2/1100 LD is designed for materials heat treatment-aching process. Furnace can be used in laboratories, educational institutions and industrial laboratories. CONTRACTION: -Outside casing in metal sheet, power painting grey (RAL 7035); -Vacuumed ceramic fibre chamber; -Heating elements are integrated around a chamber; -Four sided heating; -Ceramic bottom plate; - Air intake and exhaust system (chimney, ventilator) Technical data Dimension SNOL[...]



Dear Sir We offer metalworking LATHING In universal lathes: max. diameter 700mm, max. length = 2500mm In NC lathes: max. diameter 650 mm, max. length = 120mm In automatic lathes: max. diameter 40mm MILLING In universal milling machines: max. 250 x 1200mm In drilling machine with horizontal spindle: max. 1200x1200mm, h=600mm, capacity of the table about 4000 kg; GRINDING Rollers: max. diameter 300mm, max. length = 1200mm, Openings: max. diameter 100mm, max. length = 200mm Even surfaces:[...]


[China]A27 Spring loaded low lift type safety valve

A27H type are used for the equipment and pipeline of water, air, steam etc. Medium what the working temperature are less than 200℃.A27Y type are used for the equipment and pipeline of the quality with corrode are less than 200℃.Take for extra pressure devices. chinavalve1 china-safetyvalve[...]


[India]Aluminum wire feeder Machine.

REMSO is one of the largest manufacturers of Aluminium Wire injection machine for steel melting shops. To inject cored wire into molten metal in ladle furnace for treatment of steel, Iron modification, spheroidzaton, desulphurization, introduction of alloying elements and modifying inclusions for Steel Industries. The equipment is designed for the needs of Large to small metallurgical plants. APPLICATIONS: - Inject cored wire, solid Aluminium wire CaSi, Carbon, Sulphur, Calcium cored[...]