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[China]Alkaline battery/ AA battery / LR6 battery

LR6/ AA size / AM-3 Compliance: CE ROHS Capacity: 3.9-0.9 ohm, 360 minutes Chemistry: Alkaline MO2 Height: 49.2-50.5mm Diameter: 13.5-14.5mm Shelf Life: 5 years Application: MP3, Walkman, e-Toys and so on. Packing: Blister card pack: 2 pcs/ blister card or 4 pcs/ blister card In bulk: 2/4/6/8/12 any pieces shrinked by plastic film[...]


[China]two way radio battery pcak for MOTOROLA NNTN4851

NNTN4851 DC:7.5V Ni-MH 1400mAh For MOTOROLA GP3688/EP450/CP150/CP200 CP040/CP140/CP160/CP180 etx... Our main products are battery packs, Battery Eliminators, battery charger, earphones, Speaks Microphones, Housing, Carry Cases, Antenna, Programming Test Cable.They are suitable to famous Two-Way Radios, such as MOTOROLA, KENWOOD, Yaesu/VETEX, ICOM, TAIT, KYODO, MAXON, UNIDEN, and so on Other products : MOTOROLA PMNN4071AC,PMNN4001A,PMNN4001C,PMNN4000C, PMNN4005B,PMNN9608A,PMNN4017AR,PMNN4018,[...]


[China]AAA size Alkaline Battery(LR03)

LR03/ AM4 ALKALINE AAA SIZE Alkaline-Manganese dioxide-zinc battery Nominal Voltage: 1.5V Capacity:950mah (20±2℃ 75ΩContinuous discharge , Endpoint voltage:0.9V) >140mins(3.9ohm continuous discharge ,endpoint voltage:0.9V) Dimensions: 44.5±0.5mm × ø10.5±0.2 Approximate Weight:12g Jacket: Aluminium Jacket or PVC jacket. 0%Mercury&Cadmium Leakage-proof Applications:Toys, clocks, flashlights, remote controls and other electrical products.[...]


[China]Sell Alkaline Batteries with good quality and good prices!!!

We produce LR1,LR03,LR6,LR14,LR20,3LR6,6LR61 Batteries over 10 years.They can be used in different ways ,for example,long time discharge(remote controls,clocks,toys etc)&high drain dischrge(Shavers,toys etc).There are two main packing methods,Blister card packing & Shrink wrap packing,one is for store sales,another is for factory's device use. About environmental,we followed <91/157/EEC>seriously which is really Mercury free and low Cadmium&Lead. About technical structure,we[...]


[China]F&H Cylindrical Sealed Lead Acid Battery 2V2.5AH

Similar to Enersys/Hawer Cyclon battery; Standard cylindrical configurations: diameter 34mm, height 70mm; High energy density; Operates in any position; Longer Life in Deep Cycle Applications; Single Cells can be connected in series or parallel to achieve the required voltage or capacity. 2V2.5AH 2V8AH Applications Telecommunications Emergency lighting Medical equipment Global positioning systems General Electronics Solar UPS[...]


[China]Battery Charger RB-4270A

Fast Intelligent Battery Charger RB-4270A *1000 mA fast charge; *4 channels AC100V-240V for worldwide use; Charge 1-4pcs of AA/AAA Ni-MH/Ni-Cd/battery; *Defective battery/ primary battery identification; *minus delta voltage (-V ), V/T control; *Trickle charge after fast charge; *With car charge function. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Zhongshan Sany Digital Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of battery chargers. Founded[...]


[China]Laptop batteries

Laptop batteries: we use the cells from Korea or Japan to make sure the quality is high. We can offer warranty for 1 year. Right now we can offer ACER Compaq HP DELL SONY TOSHIBA IBM ASUS, FUJITSU MITAC UNIWILL batteries and adapters. We have successfully developed all the popular items in the market after years of efforts. we also successfully developed the universal batteries and adapters for laptops.[...]


[China]laptop adapters

ACER 16V 2.3A 16V 2.75A 19V 2.4A 19V 3.16A 19V 3.42A 19V7.1A COMPAQ 18.5V 2.7A 18.5V 3.5A 15V 4.5A 18.5V4.9A 18.5V6.5A 19V 3.16A 19V6.3A 19V7A 19V4.74A IBM 16V 2.2A 16V 3.2A 16V 3.36A 16V 3.84A 16V 4.5A 16V7.5A 14V 3A 20V4.5A DELL 19.5V 3.34A 19.5V 2.64A 19.5V 4.62A 19.5V6.7A 20V 3.5A 20V 4.5A TOSHIBA 15V 3A 15V 4A 15V 5 A 15V6A 15V8A 19V 2.4A 19V 3.16A 19V 4.74A 19V6.3A SONY 15.1V 2.6A 15.1V 3.33A SONY 16V 3.75A 16V[...]


[China]Mobile charger

This product, the li-polymer cell, is excellent integration of recharge, stored energy and intelligent protection. It truly realizes portable mobile charger. It widely applies to the mobile phone, digital camera, MP3, MP4, DV, PDA etc. Function features A. City electricity input, stored energy, recharge control integration B. The recharge for half hour to the digital products can support the products for 24hours. C. LED indication. Touching control switch can test the available power so[...]


[China]HP8208N3 36V 3A Ni-MH battery charger

Model No.: HP8208N3 36V-3A Ni-MH Battery Charger Specifications: Input Voltage: 115V/230VAC ( 60/50Hz ) Output Current: 3.0A±0.1A Output Voltage: 36V(30Cell*1.2V) Trickle Current: 50-120mA Efficiency: MIN 82% Negative Delta Votage:6+/-1.5mV/cell Delta T/ Delta t: 0.8~1.2℃/min Maximum start charge temperature:40℃+/-5% Minimal start charge temperature: 0+/-2 ℃ Tmax: 50℃+/-5% Max charge time: 6hours Vmax: >51V+/-0.5V No load voltage: 54.5+/-0.5V Under Voltage Trickle current:[...]