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[China]Alkaline button cells

Our company is one of the leading exports of batteries,we are special in research,manufacture and selling of battery.We can provide various kind of batteries with high quality and competitive price as below: 1)Alkaline Dry Batteris and Heavy Duty Batteries(AA,AAA,C,D,9V) 2)Remote Control Battery (12V,23A,27A) 3)Camera Battery (CR123A,2CR5,CR2,CR-P2) 4)Button Cells (AG-AG3/AG4/AG13,CR-CR2032/CR2025,SR-SR626SW/SR377) 5)Rechargeable (like Ni-Mh 2000mAh AA) 6)high capacity Lithium battery:(ER14505/ER14205)[...]


[China]3.6V Size AA ER14505 replace LS-14500

Model: ER14505 Chemistry System: Primary Lithium Battery (Lithium Thionyl Chloride, Li-SOCl2) Specification: 3.6V, AA size, 2400mAh Dimension: 14.5x50.5 mm Weight: 19 grams Operating temperature: -55 ~85 Celsius degree Standard Packing: 300PCS/Carton, 295*245*245mm/Carton, 5.7Kg@Net Weight, 6.2Kg@Gross Weight. Equivalent Models: Tadiran TL-5903, TL-2100, TL-4903, TL-5104; Saft LS-14500, LS-14500C, LSX-14500, LST-14500; Sonnenschein SL-360/S, SL-760/S, SL-150/S; Maxell ER6S-TC; Other[...]


[China]HP8208N3 36V 3A Ni-MH battery charger

Model No.: HP8208N3 36V-3A Ni-MH Battery Charger Specifications: Input Voltage: 115V/230VAC ( 60/50Hz ) Output Current: 3.0A±0.1A Output Voltage: 36V(30Cell*1.2V) Trickle Current: 50-120mA Efficiency: MIN 82% Negative Delta Votage:6+/-1.5mV/cell Delta T/ Delta t: 0.8~1.2℃/min Maximum start charge temperature:40℃+/-5% Minimal start charge temperature: 0+/-2 ℃ Tmax: 50℃+/-5% Max charge time: 6hours Vmax: >51V+/-0.5V No load voltage: 54.5+/-0.5V Under Voltage Trickle current:[...]


[China]Lantern Battery(4R25&4R25-2)

4R25(6V)Lantern Battery Nominal Voltage: 6V Dimensions: 67.0 x 67.0 x 115.0mm (Max) Approximate Weight: 500g Black or Yellow Plastic Shell Capacity:>980mins(15.6Ω continuous discharge to 3.6V) >650mins(15.6Ω continuous discharge to 3.6V) Applications: Road Traffic Lamps,Lanterns. 4R25-2 6Volt Approximate Weight: 1100 gm (40.78 oz) No mercury added Shelf life: 2 years Plastic Shell Output Service: >2200mins(15.6Ω continuous discharge to 3.6V) >1500mins(15.6Ω[...]


[China]AAA size Alkaline Battery(LR03)

LR03/ AM4 ALKALINE AAA SIZE Alkaline-Manganese dioxide-zinc battery Nominal Voltage: 1.5V Capacity:950mah (20±2℃ 75ΩContinuous discharge , Endpoint voltage:0.9V) >140mins(3.9ohm continuous discharge ,endpoint voltage:0.9V) Dimensions: 44.5±0.5mm × ø10.5±0.2 Approximate Weight:12g Jacket: Aluminium Jacket or PVC jacket. 0%Mercury&Cadmium Leakage-proof Applications:Toys, clocks, flashlights, remote controls and other electrical products.[...]


[China]Sell Alkaline Batteries with good quality and good prices!!!

We produce LR1,LR03,LR6,LR14,LR20,3LR6,6LR61 Batteries over 10 years.They can be used in different ways ,for example,long time discharge(remote controls,clocks,toys etc)&high drain dischrge(Shavers,toys etc).There are two main packing methods,Blister card packing & Shrink wrap packing,one is for store sales,another is for factory's device use. About environmental,we followed <91/157/EEC>seriously which is really Mercury free and low Cadmium&Lead. About technical structure,we[...]


[China]HP8204B 24V 5A Lead Acid Battery Charger

Model No.: HP8204B 24V/5A Lead Acid Battery Charger Specifications: Output Current: 5A+/-3% No Load Max Output Voltage: 31.2V+/-1% Charge Max Voltage:29.4V+/-0.2V Input Voltage: 115V/230V OPTION SWITCH 115V(95V~132V)/230V(180V~264V) Protection Against Over-Voltage: Over 32.5V automatic shut-off Protection Against Overload: About 10A automatic shut-off Protection Against Short Circuit:Output fuse severs or shut-off automatically Efficiency: AC-DC min 82% Operating Temperature:0-40℃[...]


[China]HP1202A 12V-3.5A Lead Acid Battery Charger

HP1202A 12V-3.5A Lead-Acid Battery Charger Specification : Model No.: HP1202A ( 12V-3.5A ) Output current: DC 3.5A±5% No load Max Output Voltage: DC 13.7V±1% Trickle Current: DC 0.1A±5% Input Voltage: AC 85 - 264V Efficiency: AC-DC MIN 82% Performance: Switching Mode Charging Method: set voltage,set current Output Detection: 1.Short Circuit Detection 2.Output Voltage/Current Limit 3.Reverse Power Protected Operating Temperature: 0℃~40℃ Operating Humidity : 20%~80%[...]


[China]Sell Solar Charger (009)

Model No.009 Solar Charger (pls send an email to us to get more product info.& prices) Applications 1) Solar cellphone charger compatible with most cellphone models 2) Solar charger for fixed wireless phones, such as LST-2500/LSP-3000 3) Solar charger for small digital electronic products, such as PDA, MP3 player, CD player, and digital camera Specifications 1) 4.4W (2 x 2.2W) multi-crystalline silicon solar panel 2) 10pcs 1.2V/1600mAh Ni-MH rechargeable batteries 3)[...]


[China]Duracell / Energizer Alkaline Batteries

Now we are supplying Duracell/Energizer battery AA-2 AA-4 AAA-2 AAA-4 if you are intersted, please contact us soon.[...]