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Category: Chemicals & Plastics -> Reprocessed plastic wrappings

Country: Poland

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Box for store room Nr 0 149 x 89 x 69 Box for store room Nr 1 199 x 135 x 100 Box for store room Nr 2 298 x 179 x 149 Box for store room Nr 3 400 x 269 x 199 Rotation box[...]


[Poland]Jar for sprinkle products

Jar for sprinkle products - 0,8 l, 1,0 l, 1,5 l, 2,0 l[...]


[Poland]Sell bottle for chemical and cosmetics

Bottle for chemical and cosmetics - 0,25 l, 03, l, 0,5 l, 1,0 l – for shampoo - 0,3 l, 0,5 l – soap - 0,5 l – spry - 0,5 l, 1,0 l – universal[...]


[Poland]Sell bottle for oil

Bottle for oil - 0,5 l, 0,9 l, 1,0 l, 3,0 l[...]



We will undertake cooperation with companies looking for packages from plastic- blister type in any shape. We handle ourselves of blisters folded from 2 elements as well as drawpieces, fibre mats and stabilising trays. We have the possibility to pack and weld the merchandise in our company.[...]


[Poland]Plastic bags

Plastic bag with print handle: market, dkt, soft loop dimensions: width 25-65 cm, height 30-55 cm Foil: MDPE or LDPE The film thickness: 30-70 microns Color film: white with color Flexographic printing: up to 6 colors Virtualization bags on request. Preparation of printing: polymer matrices Individual pricing. Free transport throughout the Polish. Contact Folflex Plastics Processing Tel. +48 89 751 35 87[...]


[Poland]Polypropylene Strapping Band

POLYPROPYLENE STRAPPING BAND is cheap and of very good quality material for packing purposes, enabling the users to pack their products more precisely, aesthetically and safely. It is also used for fastening loads. Polypropylene strapping band, replaces successfully banding steel not loosing its endurance and efficiency. The possibilities to use the strapping band are not limited, e.g.: - in the packing industry – for hand and machine load banding and for palletizing - in the wood industry[...]


[Poland]LDPE reclosable bags, zip, zipper bags, ziplook

LDPE reclosable bags, zip, zipper bags, ziplook (plastic zipper bags, zip lock bags, ziplock bags, resealable bags, plastic bags, LDPE bags, PE bags, LD bags, polythene bags) Can be used to store products and documents. Ideal for transport of small things which need to be held together. Easy and comfortable lock allows to multiple usage. We are able to offer various sizes and thickness. Bag purposes: for screws, nuts, gaskets, electrical and electronic elements, brochures, leaflets, instructions[...]



WICKET BAG Bag for bread packing LDPE, LLDPE, PP[...]


[Poland]Oxo-biodegradable HDPE bags

We offer Oxo-biodegradable HDPE bags with the popular load capacity of 5kg are available for purchase as part of our standard merchandise. A well visible overprint on each white colored bag provides key information about the degradable material and its term of disintegration. (The process begins in average period of 60-180 days). The product is directed at firms interested in enhancing their image as reliable and trust-worthy enterprises, which display concern for the environment through the use[...]