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[China]We are searching professional distributors and convertors in packing circles from all over the world

Hainan Shiner Industrial Co. Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and R&D of coated film, plastic packing materials and color printing of packing. We make coated film (PVDC coated film, Acrylic coated film, PVOH coated film, Silicone coated film) , POF shrink film, BOPP cigarette packing film and color printing packing. At Shiner Industrial, we are committed to meet all of our customers’ packaging needs with the best product and service. We holds 3 product lines for coated film,[...]


[Poland]blister packages + packaging

We are a manufacturer of blister-type packages in any shape. We will undertake cooperation with companies looking for packages from plastic- blister type in any shape. We handle ourselves of blisters folded from 2 elements as well as drawpieces, fibre mats and stabilising trays. We have the possibility to pack and weld the merchandise in our company.[...]