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Category: Food & Beverages -> Food & related products -> Mushrooms & Truffles

Country: Poland

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[Poland]Seasonal mushrooms

Seasonal mushrooms: trugs: 1kg[...]


[Poland]Brown field mushrooms

Brown field mushrooms: 3 - 4cm 4 - 5cm luz: 3kg kubek: 250g[...]


[Poland]White field mushrooms

White field mushrooms: class I 4 - 5cm luz: 3kg kubek: 500g[...]


[Poland]Fresh white mushroom

Fresh white mushroom. Packed in plastic punnets of 250, 500g sealed with plasic foil or covered with a lid and loose in plastic trays of 3kg.[...]


[Poland]Fresh chestnut mushrooms

Fresh chestnut mushrooms. Paked in plastic punnets of 250 and 500g sealed with plastic foil or covered with lids or loose in plastic trays of 3kg.[...]


[Poland]Fresh white mushrooms

Fresh white mushrooms for export. Weekly we can offer the whole truck(13-15 tons) of mushrooms packed in plastic boxes any weights: 2,5kg; 2,26kg; 2,72kg, 3kg and sizes: 3-4cm, 4-5cm, 5-6cm and 6+ according to clients needs.[...]


[Poland]Sliced mushrooms in salt water

Sliced mushrooms in salt water Capacity/ weight: 8 kg Drained weight: 5kg[...]