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[Poland]apple juice concentrates

apple juice concentrates- 70% +/- 0,5% Brix[...]


[China]Canned Champignon

Canned Mushroom, Whole, Slice, Piece, and Stem, Net/Drained Weight 850g/400g[...]


[China]Canned Green Pea

Net/drained weight: 150g/114g Ingredients: green pea, water, and salt 1 x 20 FCL: 850 cartons, 24 cans/carton[...]


[Poland]Grandma,s Preserve

In September 2004 the STOVIT company launched the delicious „Grandma's jam” with seven flavours: cherry, peach, strawberry, blackcurrant, raspberry, blueberry and fig. The preserve was produced according to a new recipe - more fruit were added, the marmalade is a low-sugar product, manufactured without preservatives and artificial colourings. The product also features original packaging, a very elegant graphic design with a characteristic paper hood on the jar`s top and an information tag on[...]


[Iran]Apple,Peach,Apricot Puree

Dear Import Manager, It is our great pleasure to introduce our company as a leading supplier of different kind of fruit juice concentrate(Apple,Pomegranate,Sour cherry ,Strawberry,Red&White grape juice concentrate)&(Apple,Peach,Apricot puree) fruit juice (Orange,Apricot,Pear ,Peach )all of them in the best quality.We can also modify it based on your dear request. To be sure your request is always welcomed with Aida. Wishing the best business for you. With best regards, Sales & marketing[...]



Dear Sir/ Madam Our company Impex Way L.t.d, & Deyma expert in distribution Agro-alimentary products, would like to introduce you our Tunisian dates, already selected and packed in beautiful traditional boxes. Our dates meet the highest standards, conformed by BRD Global Standard Certificate. Combination of precisely selected dates from Tunisian oasis and beautiful, wide packaging suitable for the gifts, make our products high qualitative. Our deletions Tunisian dates hit the taste and[...]


[Poland]Fruta Jams

The FRUTA label, which you are familiar with, gained a new image and new quality. In March, the STOVIT company expanded with the Fruta jams based on a new, modified recipe. The product is pasteurised and contains only natural ingredients. The Fruta jams are available with the most popular flavours: - ams: strawberry, cherry, peach, blackcurrant and forest Fruit and - Old Polish plum jam By launching the Fruta jams and plum jams the Stovit company satisfied both the needs of, customers running[...]


[Poland]Premium Jams

The PREMIUM jams were launched in 1999 and are produced according to traditional recipes. The traditional methods of cooking in open cauldrons allow the fruit to naturally soak up sugar, which results in the product`s excellent taste and flavour. The natural fruit taste and the attractive price make the Fruta jams the customer`s favourite products. The Fruta jams are a low-sugar product, containing 38% fruit extract per 290 g of jam. They are free from artificial colourings and flavours. The sell-by[...]


[China]Canned Sweet Corn

1 x 20 FCL: 850 cartons/24 cans per carton Net/drained weight: 314g/250g Ingredients: corn, water, sugar, and salt[...]


[Egypt]Egyptian Food Stuff

*** Fruit Concentrates : - We offer Egyptian quality materials for the food industry:- I T EM 1.PUREE •Mango puree (soluble solids 15.1 sugar brix) + SEASON: July - August - September •Guava puree (soluble solids not less than13 sugar brix) + SEASON: September – October – November •Packing :-[...]