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[China]Tribulus terrestris saponin

CAS: C55H90O25, C45H74O18, C45H74O17, C45H72O19, C50H80O23, C45H74O19 character: colorless crystal, needle-shaped crystal Main content is Saponin, this products is extracted from pure natural raw material Tribulus terrestris. Products are mainly used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. Package type: Vacuum plastic bags,2.5kg/bags,10kg/carton,20kg/carton, 25kg/carton.[...]


[Russian Federation]Jerusalem Artichoke Flake

Dried tubers of jerusalem artichoke are presented in groats,slice and cube.There is possibility of producing pieces of topinambour with any size or view(the advanced order). It is intend for use as component in producing of food and biologically active additives (extracts, syrups, tinctures) Jerusalem artichoke is use as additive in forage and as prebiotic.[...]


[China]Coleus forskohlii extract

Characters of product: Coleus forskohlii extract is brown powder. Pharmacological effects: Coleus forskohlii extract is more effective on the bronchial asthma, congestive heart failure, cancer metastasis and glaucoma[...]



Specification:10% 5%.Fucoxanthin the existence of algae, marine phytoplankton, the shellfish aquatic animals. Nature : brown powder. Soluble in ethanol. Purposes : food coloring agents, cancer, obesity and other health foods. Physical and chemical products meet export targets were Japan, the United States, the EU and other national standards.[...]


[China]Natural Vitamin E Oil

Specifications: Apperance: Brown oil liquid Tocopherols: 30%,50%,70% by GC Usage: 1) Used in food / pharmacy industry: a) As a natural antioxidant inside cells, it supplies oxygen to blood, thus alleviating fatigue. It aids in bringing nourishment to cells b) As an antioxidant and nutrition fortifier, it has rich nutrition and high security, and is prone to be absorbed by human body 2) Used in cosmetics industry: a) Improves microcirculation of skin b) Protects against UV irradiations[...]


[South Korea]Lifestyle Health Tonic & Natural Energy Drink

The formula is based on a mythical Oriental recipe composed basically of natural ingredients. Persons may consume the product not only when drinking, but also as a refreshing tea beverage at any time one may feel to need that extra energy. The difference is appreciated in short term bringing an invigorating sensation to the consumers. Its natural contents allow CHEERS to be used as a natural dietary supplement substituting or alternating with other diet drinks, but without the high chemical content[...]


[Poland]Physician's Multi Vitamin Formula

Physician's Multi Vitamin Formula Masterly composition, unique formula of 54 components, multidirectional way of action of: vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and antioxidants. If you are: -tired -thorny -stressed If you want to: -support your immune and nervous system -support remembering and memorizing -substantiate your heart and cardiovascular system -clean your body from oxidants -correct look of your skin, hair and nails 1 capsule Physician's Multi Vitamin Formula[...]


[Slovakia]Colloidal Organic Silicium

POWER Si+ in contrast to the mineral silicon contains carbon atoms in its molecules. This substance is referred to as organic silicon, which is very easily absorbed by the organism (up to 70%). This molecule serves to a certain extent as an ionic compensator for the entire organism, which provides cells with energy and thus enables them to defend themselves against all types of aggressions. At the same time, it aids the regeneration of the cell wall elasticity, which in turn improves the ability[...]


[Tunisia]Special dates

Dear Sir/ Madam Our company Impex Way L.t.d, & Deyma expert in Agro-alimentary products, would like to introduce you our Tunisian dates, already selected and packed in beautiful traditional boxes. Our dates meet the highest standards, conformed by BRD Global Standard Certificate. Combination of precisely selected dates from Tunisian oasis and beautiful, wide packaging suitable for the gifts, make our products high qualitative. Our deletions Tunisian dates hit the taste and flavour of the[...]


[China]Leptin Green Coffee 800(slimming coffee)

Leptin Green Coffee 800, weight reduce coffee, quickly and easily lose 10 pounds in 18 days. 100% pure natural, herbal and original Slimming capsule, herbal slimming, slimming diet, herbal weight loss products, weight loss medicine, Speed fat burning. Efficacy:18 days loss weight 10 pounds! From the United States Speed fat buning weight loss formula Xiaozhi Energizer coffee, full-effect decomposition of fat, taking small, non-toxic side effects on the human body, burning excess body fat, slimming[...]