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[United Kingdom]Speed boat, 2 man with US murcury 15HP engine

Features: 1) Power: mercury 15HP, two strokes 2) Maximum speed: 24mph (15HP) 3) Length: 10'5" 4) Beam: 4'5" 5) Weight: 360lbs 6) Capacity: 2 people (320lbs) 7) Total capacity: 480lbs (motor, fuel and people) Outer packing: Carton dimensions: Boat: 330 x 115 x 125cm Power: 130 x 70 x 40cm Conveyance: Qty/20' GP: 4pcs Qty/40' GP: 8pcs[...]


[China]Sell Aquaskipper, Water Bird WZAS001

Its better than a boat. Its better than a jet ski. Now you can fly above the water like an eagle. With your feet on the platform and your hands on the steering handles, simply hop up and down to propel yourself forward. The hydrofoils lift the Aquaskipper above the water, allowing you to move much faster than any other human-powered watercraft. Sine the Aquaskipper is light and strong made by aircraft aluminum and fiberglass. With the Aquaskipper, you can ride on waves, race your friends,[...]


[China]Inflatable boat

Specifications: We can off all kinds of inflatable boat. Specifications: 1) material:0.30~0.40mm PVC 2) dimensions:60x 40",73x43",112x48" Inner packing: Each in a color box[...]


[China]Outboard Motor

Model : OTH40 Max. output: 40HP / 29.4kW Full throttle operating range (rpm): 4,500 - 5,500 Stroke: 2 Cylinder: 2 Displacement (ml): 703 Bore x stroke (mm): 80 x 70 Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 1,073 x 402 x 1,350mm Weight (kg): 73.6 Gear ratio: 2 (26 : 13) Gear shift position: F-N-R Ignition system: CDI Cooling system: water-cooled Starting system: manual Control system: tiller control Capacity of fuel tank (L): 24 Recommended oil: regular lead-free gasoline Compression[...]

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[China]Sell rotomoulded kayaka and mould

Custom Rotational Molding Advantages: 1.Short lead-time 2.One-piece construction: virtually stress-free enclosed parts or with openings 3.Design flexibility from small and intricate to large and complex 4.Economical for short production runs, prototype research and volume production 5.Variety of finishes and color 6.Metal inserts as integral parts 7.Weight reduction as compared to most metals. 8.Excellent load-bearing properties 9.Ability to produce multi-wall moldings, hollow or[...]


[China]HT 588-O motor boat

HT 588-O motor boat is a new model since 2007. Specification: 1、main dimension(L*B*H):5.88x2.45x1.30m 2、passenger:8-10 3、power:90-150hp. 4、fuel tank:120L 5、water tank:65L 6、speed:60 km/h Standing Features 1,fiberglass hull 2、rise and down driving chair 3、 frontseat sofa/cushion 4 backseat[...]


[China]HT 320 mouse boat

Specification: 1、main dimension(L*B*H):3.20x1.37x0.50m 2、passenger:2 3、power:15HP-25HP. 4、fuel tank:25L 5、speed :40km/h features: 1、fiberglass hull 2、stainless steel hardware 3、rubber shipboard fender 4、backseat[...]


[China]Electronic fishing boat

MPIKE battery-powered fishing boat is very light and easy to transport. The MPIKE fishing boat, running only with electricity, is very quiet and environment friendly.[...]


[China]inflatable boat IBY--003TS

Overall length: 3.60m Overall width: 1.68m Tube Diameter: 40cm Weight: 75 kg Payload: 680kg Air Chambers:3+1 Max. Passenger:6 Max. HP: 25 HP[...]


[China]Inflatable boat IBY-010

Length Overall: 4.68m Width Inside: 2.00m Tube Diameter: 500mm Weight : 60kg Payload: 1850 kg Tube Compartment: 6+2+1 Max. Passenger: 14[...]