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[Italy]Italian Patented Health Coffee

We are manufacturers and owners of the international brand Fitness Coffee and of related european and USA patents: it consists in a coffee based product that improving the pleasure and taste of gourmet coffee, gives also a greater contribution to our general wellness. This particular patented blend contains: - Italian premium quality ground coffee, - sixteen medicinal herbs (world famours for their salutary and wellness properties) and classic spices (to get a delicious taste). This ingredients[...]


[China]Chlorogenic Acid3%-98%

Honeysuckle flower or Eucommia ulmoides Latin Name: Honeysuckle flower CAS No.: 327-97-9 Active Ingredient: Chlorogenic Acid Test Method: HPLC Molecular weight: 354.31 Melting point:205-209°C Solubility: Good solubility in water Appearance: Fine crystal powder origin: Honeysuckle flower, Eucommia ulmoides Usage: antibiosis, antiviral, anti-inflammatory antimutagenicity ,anti-aging,anti-tumor, depressurization 1.Chlorogenic acid is 100% extracted from natural plant, very safe and[...]


[China]Corosolic Acid1%-98%

Corosolic acid . Latin Name: Lagerstroemia speciosa L CAS No.: 4547-24-4 Active Ingredient: Corosolic acid Test Method: HPLC Banaba Leaf P. E.1%-98% Corosolic Acid Product Specification : 1%,10%,20%,98% Corosolic Acid Product Type: Fine green powdered extract Corosolic Acid is 100% extracted from natural plant, very safe and more bioactive. Corosolic Acid at a very lower price with a very high and uniform quality. More important --- we have a very large output to meet our customers'big[...]


[China]Astaxanthin 1-3% powder 472-61-7

Natural astaxanthin is extracted from haematococcus pluvialis algae by super critical carbon dioxide extraction,so there is no any solent residue,and there is no any harmful solvent for health it’s the most powerful antioxidant in nature,it can protect cells from free radicals damage. Now we can offer 4 specs of astaxanthin (powder, oil, shell broken, cool water soluble powder). Oil is used to soft gel, powder for tablet, cool water solution powder for beverage or drink.[...]


[Sweden]Dehydrated Aloe Vera

This is a perfect product for cereals. The Aloe Vera is dehydrated in a layer of sugar and taste really good and easy to blend with diffrent kind of cereal. Mix 10-15% of the dehydrated Aloe Vera direct in to blend of cereal. The Aloe Vera is branded under aloe life. Contact us for any kind of information. Best regards, Tobias Kisker[...]


[Sweden]Aloe Vera Effervescent Tablets

This unique tablet contains 250 mg Aloe Vera Freeze Dried Powder 200X and 60 mg of vitamin C. 1 tablett equals 50 ml of Aloe Vera Juice. The Aloe Vera is certified by the IASC. The product can be done as private label or under the brand vera+. Please feel free to contact us for any kind of questions. Best regards, Tobias Kisker[...]


[Slovakia]Honey offer

We can offer good quality Slovakian honey, new crop - acacia and forest honey, packed in metal drums of 280 kg net at competitive prices DDP buyers warehouse. The merchandise is free from antibiotics, quality otherwise as per the EU Honey Legislation and the EU Veterinary Control Regulations. The copies of lab results are available upon request. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards Uveges Kristian[...]


[China]sea buckthorn ((Hippophae Rhamnoides , Rokitnik, Espino Amarillo,San)

We are currently selling Sea buckthorn products as following: 1). Sea buckthorn Fruit( Pulp ) oil 2). Sea buckthorn seed oil 3). Sea buckthorn concerntrated juice 4). Seabuckthorn powder 5). Seabuckthorn flavone skype(capt.leeu)[...]


[China]sea buckthorn Pulp Oil(Hippophae , Rokitnik,Sanddorn)

Seabuckthorn Fruit(pulp) oil from Yiyang Biochem --Active ingredient: Seabuckthorn pulp oil(extraced by centrifugal separation from raw pulp) is rich in saturated fatty acidswhich including : Palmitic acid C16:0 25 – 35% Palmitoleic acid C16: 1 28 – 35% (Omega 7 ) Oleic acid C18:1 20 – 30% (Omega 9) Linoleic acid C18:2 2.0 – 8.0 % Linolenic acid C18:3 1.0 – 2.1% And also high carotenoids(total[...]


[Turkey]Grinded Nettle Seed

Specifications: -Nettles seed contains high iron ratio therefore its beneficial for anaemia patients -Increase the body resistance[...]