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[China]Solar Aluminum Road Studs

DETAILS: 1. Casing Material: Aluminum alloy shell, solar panel (2. 4V, 0. 3W) Ni-Mh rechargeable battery (1. 2V), 6pcs super bright LED 2 transparent plastic shells, 1 circuit board. 2. Specification: 110*100*25mm N. W.: 350g/pcs 3. Light intensity: 8000mcd 4. Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and White LED 5. Charging Time: 3hours in sunny day, 6hours in cloudy day and 8hours in rainy day 6. Operating Time: 12hours/night, 7days successively after the battery is fully charged 7. Operating[...]


[China]Directional Display Panel

Utilized for trailer or roof mounted applications To provide warning & directional information. Display pandls exceeds the requirements of part 6E-7 of the Federal Highway Administrations Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices[...]


[China]Plastic/Polyamide Chain

2mm 3mm 4mm 6mm 8mm Each color[...]


[China]Solar Flash Yellow Light

1- Diameter: Φ300mm 2- Composition: Solar panel, Lamp crust, Battery, Led lamp panel, Control system 3- 180pcs Ultra LED 4- Operation: 24hours/day or 12hours /day(flash in night) 5- Workable temperature: -40 C ~ 70 C 6- Installation: Stand or hung[...]


[China]Ultra Bright Led Hand-Winding Charge Radio Flashlight

1-Stramline body design, Novel, Beautiful, Comfortable Hand feel, Useful, Essential goods for family life and traveling 2-Adopts mechanical device to generate electricity with precise onstruction and high working efficiency, Battery-less, Green environmental protection 3-Adopt three extra-bright LED lights as light source, nature and smooth, durable for more than then thousand hours, high efficiency and power saving 4-Blink and siren functions, As the best helpful tool when meeting emergent situation[...]


[China]Tri-Led Emergency Light (Car)

1-Head light: 3pcs of white φ5 LED, brightness>6000mcd 2-Side light: 6pcs red φ3 LED, flash warning, frequency 9-11Hz 3-Alarm: 85db emergency signal 4-Point steel hammer: Break vehicle glass white urgent or necessary. 5-Sharp knife: Cut off safety belt, ect...While urgent or necessary 6-Magnets built in the cap: Able to be place onto iron objects by magnetic force. 7-Hand cord: Easy to carry 8-Water resistant design: Suitable for use in bad weather 9-Human engineering design: Feel comfortable[...]


[China]LTE-1082,Rotator Warning Light,Warning lamp

Model number LTE-1082 Rotator Warning Light : high quality halogen bulb is used adopting wear-resistingrubber wheel droved by direct current micro-electric motor,long life,no dead point. 1)Model: LTE-1082, LTE-1082J 2)Working voltage: DC 12V/24V, AC220V or other Power:5W 3)Highly efficient, dustproof, waterproof 4)Colors available: red, amber, blue,green Model explain : LTE-screw fixing, LTD-magnetic fixing, J-with buzzer[...]


[France]Led Warning Triangle

Led Warning Triangle 21 LED In France , only Lorries have been bound to have safety triangles since the generalisation of hazard warning lights on every kind of vehicles. Yet, it proves very useful when you find yourself stuck in a curve or just at the end of it. It is an efficient way to warn the other drivers of your presence and to avoid a more severe accident. To be efficient, you must put the triangle into place at least 30 meters in front of your vehicle or before a curve if needed. Indeed,[...]


[France]Kit of depannage Express

Including kit: - BAG. - LAMP. - CROWBARS OF BATTERIES. - A LAMP. - ROPE. The necessities in a contingency to manage only, in the most common awkward situations.[...]


[France]Anti Drowsy Alert Driver

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as manufacturer of Anti drowsy alert device called NO NAP your life guard on long drive. Purpose of introducing NONAP Thousands of people are killed on our national highways each year. Many of these accidents are a result of drivers falling asleep at the wheel. Now finally, we think that there is an answer to this devastating problem! NO NAP. Function of NO NAP 90% of accidents occur due to driver error and driver drowsiness is the major one[...]