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[Spain]Gaskets, Joints, Wedges from Rubber.

We produce many designs of Gaskets like Arrows, "O" Rings, Delta, Incorporated, and so on. All our gaskets are for Concrete Drainage Pipes and Products, like Pipes, Manholes and so on. The Rubber we manufacture can be done in EPDM, Butil, Neopren, etc. ...[...]


[China]corner bead

Corner Bead have a smooth round nose bead with Diamond Mesh wings for the keying of plaster right up to the nose of the bead.On the outside is the finished edge which is where one side of your drywall knife runs on when you are applying drywall mud. The two flanges sit flat on your raw drywall. The diamond decoration along the length of the flange act as a keyway for holding the drywall mud to the drywall and the corner. This mesh insures a perfect bond and provides effective reinforcement where[...]






big variety of the product rangef like NUTS, WASHERS, and SCREWS[...]


[China]Metal Wire

We can produce galvanized wire, black iron wire, pvc coated wire, tie wire , electro galvanized wire, hot-dipped galvanized wire, annealed wire, barbed wire,hard drawn wire and PVC coated iron wire and other metal wire products.[...]



Gloss ceramic tile provides a brilliant canvas for best artwork and photo reproduction. Perfect for Framed Art or hung on wall. Susceptible to scratches, it is not recommended for surfaces that require frequent cleaning. Best used for decorative purposes (walls, pictures, etc.)[...]


[China]mosquito screen

The screen is fabricated with C-glass fiber yarn that is coated with PVC. It serves best for the purpose of protection against insects for doors and windows of buildings, orchards and farms. It is also used as veltilating and enclosing material.  Features Ant-rust and anti-corrosion Washable and attractive colour Good resistance to weather Stable size, good veltilation and light transmission Specifications • Mesh sizes available 14x14, 14x16, 16x16, 16x18, and 14x18. • The standard[...]


[China]paper tape

Paper tape is a widely used in various applications,especially to be used for wall renovation,decoration and the like.It can be stuck to plasterboards,cements and other building materials completely and can prevent against the cracks of the wall and its corner.Meanwhile, it can use together with our fiberglass self-adhesive mesh tape, make the building decoration and installation easier.[...]


[China]Reinforcing Netlike Fiberglass cloth for Grinding Wheel

The fabric is woven with high-twisted fiberglass yarn which is silane coupling agent. It has two kinds of weave. One is plain weave, and the other is leno weave. The fabric possesses the features of high strength. Level and smooth surface and so on. It's used as the basal material for netlike pieces of fiberglass reinforced grinding wheel. The specification is avaiable from 80g/m2----380g/m2. Size is from 2.5*2.5mm to 4*4mm.[...]


[China]abrasive belt

The abrasives have good self-shraping,high polishing eggiciency Plain,even surface High strength、wear-breaking base can ectend the polishing life of abrasive belt Special anlistatig product can avoid abrasive dust and lower the cost Special “S” type joint product can avoid the ripple caused by shaking when polishing The base abrasives grit number of abrasive belt include every working procedure from rough grinding to fine polishing Use for all kinds of wood TYPE TX172 TY186 TX442 TY486 TP433 TJ113 TJ135 GRAINS&BOND[...]