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The Duofaltbox® by itself presents "Haute Couture" of the combined folding boxes made of carton Board, and rigid plastic. The transparency allows you to view the product from various sides. Especially important details of a product become visible in this way. Creases stabilise the corners of the large windows. Technical data: Carton board to be supplied by customer Material of window blanks: PVC, PET Material thickness: 150 - 300 my / microns[...]




The Klarfaltbox® – initiating our logo – with the company-developed Soft Crease [HF-process] is applicable on all current auto-filling lines which is an efficiency factor in every company. Technical data: The Klarfaltbox® is available in PET , PVC and PP material. Material thickness: from 150 - 450 my / microns Possible upgrading: Screen and offset printing in own production, hot embossing Punching technology: Normal Crease, Perforated Crease, New Soft Crease, Soft Crease, SMART-LINE[...]



[Germany]Transparent lids and bases

This transparent packaging in two parts – in PET or PVC – is practical and makes packing easier. Delivered already erected, the base just needs filling and the lid slipped on. A clear product presentation is finished! Technical data: Material: PVC + PET Material thickness: 200 - 400 my / microns Possible upgrading: Screen and offset printing in own production, hot embossing Minimum height of lid: 10 mm Maximum height of lid: 100 mm[...]



[Bulgaria]meat fish and poultry crates

ENKO manufactures quality low cost crates for the meat, fish, and poultry industries! Many of wich have the option of stacking when in use and nesting when in storage (space saving) or transporting (lower cost per unit)! Please visit our website to view all products, or write to use for an electronic brochures.[...]


[Bulgaria]euro crates

ENKO offers a wide selection of "Euro" crates "euro stackers" 600x400 for the meat fish and poultry, agriculture fruit and vegetables, bread and bakery, milk cheese and dairy, manufacturing and industrial, euro standard crates, pallets, flower pots and gardening, live poultry crates, hygienic flooring, etc... Please view website for complete product lines, or contact us for electronic brochures and pricing![...]


[China]laminated tubes

Dia: 16mm,19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 27mm,28mm,30mm, 32mm,35mm, 38mm,40mm, 45mm, 50mm. Cap: Flip top cap, big stand flip top,screw on cap etc. Print: Offset Sort: Cosmetic tube, food tube, industry tube, laminated tube etc. With high quality and best price. welcome to visit for more information[...]


[India]Blister pack

We manufacture, since 1978, thermoforming packaging. Our package type include Blister packs (sealing and slip on type), clamshell packs and trays. We can make our packs in PVC, PET, HIPS and other thermoformabe materials. The packs are made as per customer' product specifications. Our packaging is used in many such companies - Pharmaceuticals, Medicals, Cosmetics, Lighting, Electronic, Entertainment products, Foods, Snacks, Perfumes, Stationeries and others. We accept orders with any quantities,[...]


[India]Pharmaceutical Packaging

We manufacture special packaging materials for pharmaceutical and medical products. Our packages include blister packs, trays, and clamshells. The packages are made as per customer's specifications, and we also have a large range of standard packaging for ampoules, vials and combinations like - ampoule + vial, ampoule + vial + syringe etc. We have a complete range of standard trays for packing ampoules. You can have trays for ampoules from 1 ml to 20 ml, and each tray can pack from a single[...]


[Poland]Jar for sprinkle products

Jar for sprinkle products - 0,8 l, 1,0 l, 1,5 l, 2,0 l[...]


[China]Hamburger box

Products are made of sugarcane fibre and with below characteristics. 1. Made from 100% sugarcane 2. 100% biodegradable 3. 120 degree oil and 100 degree water resistant 4. Can be used in microwave and refrigerator 5. Variety of sizes, shapes and uses available 6. Healthy, Nontoxic, Harmless and Sanitary 7. Can be recycled and protect the resource 8. From nature and back to nature 9. Passed FDA TEST[...]