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Category:Security & Protection -> Security systems

Country:South Korea

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DS Media Inc. more

Country: South Korea
Region: South Korea
City: Incheon, Korea
Street: 18-4, Gye San 3 Dong, Gye Yang Gu
Phone: +82 32 5475457
Fax: +82 2 60071574
Firm Rank: 0
We are manufacturers of CCTV camera, DVR, Black box of car,mobile DVR, economical DVR. As a developer and manufactuerer based in Korea, let me introduce our company as belows. A. Car Black box(Car DVR + camera+ GPS/GSM) 1. 4ch. a. 704JB (one camera is built-in: low illumination – without SD card): U$230, Optional GPS: U$35, side camera (outdoor): U$45, indoor camera: U$33 b. HSD-700M (built-in 4.5inch TFT monitor-without camera): U$290- with 4GB CF card and[...]

BioEnter International Inc. more

Country: South Korea
Region: South Korea
City: Koyang-si, Kyunngi-Do
Street: Room #313, Unitechvill, Backsuk-Dong, Ilsan-Ku
Phone: +82 31 9075223
Fax: +82 31 9075224
Firm Rank: 0
BioEnter(BE) International Inc. has been established since 2003 and we are an innovative and experienced company in providing security solutions, and marketing Fingerprint Modules, Stand-alone Door Locks and Network Access Control Systems. Our product line includes Stand-alone Fingerprint and Digital Keypad/Proximity Card Door Locks ; Network Fingerprint Identification Systems for Door Access, Time & Attendance and Employee Management; Access Systems with Smart Card. BE International Inc.[...]

BNB Solutions Co.,Ltd more

Country: South Korea
Region: South Korea
City: Yongin-si
Street: 169-1, Jubuk-ri, Cheoin-gu, Yangji-meyn
Phone: +82 31 3371203
Fax: +82 31 3371209
Firm Rank: 0
BNB Solutions Co.,Ltd. has been established in field of encryption & security business separated from Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd. in Aug.2003. We produce an encryption device for data, fax, telephone, telex as a defense industry. Now, we are focusing on entering into new prospective business of security sector such as fingerprint-scan digital door lock, CCTV camera cryptograph module and external storage management system and telecommunication sector such as GPS Board, Remote Control Unit and[...]