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Category:Security & Protection -> Security systems

Country:South Korea

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DS Media Inc. more

Country: South Korea
Region: South Korea
City: Incheon, Korea
Street: 18-4, Gye San 3 Dong, Gye Yang Gu
Phone: +82 32 5475457
Fax: +82 2 60071574
Firm Rank: 0
We are manufacturers of CCTV camera, DVR, Black box of car,mobile DVR, economical DVR. As a developer and manufactuerer based in Korea, let me introduce our company as belows. A. Car Black box(Car DVR + camera+ GPS/GSM) 1. 4ch. a. 704JB (one camera is built-in: low illumination – without SD card): U$230, Optional GPS: U$35, side camera (outdoor): U$45, indoor camera: U$33 b. HSD-700M (built-in 4.5inch TFT monitor-without camera): U$290- with 4GB CF card and[...]

BioEnter International Inc. more

Country: South Korea
Region: South Korea
City: Koyang-si, Kyunngi-Do
Street: Room #313, Unitechvill, Backsuk-Dong, Ilsan-Ku
Phone: +82 31 9075223
Fax: +82 31 9075224
Firm Rank: 0
BioEnter(BE) International Inc. has been established since 2003 and we are an innovative and experienced company in providing security solutions, and marketing Fingerprint Modules, Stand-alone Door Locks and Network Access Control Systems. Our product line includes Stand-alone Fingerprint and Digital Keypad/Proximity Card Door Locks ; Network Fingerprint Identification Systems for Door Access, Time & Attendance and Employee Management; Access Systems with Smart Card. BE International Inc.[...]

YM CORP more

Country: South Korea
Region: South Korea
City: Bucheon City,
Street: 476-9, Boseong B/D 3F, Simgok Dong, Won-mi Ku,
Phone: +82 32 6760152
Fax: +82 32 6760157
Firm Rank: 0
cellphone jammer, cellular jammer, mobilephone jammer, immobilizer, cellular blocker, security, safe film are our product. We are a reliable leading trader and manufacturer, cellular jammer and security and other security, of high quality products with competitive prices to the worldwide. YM CORP is located in South Korea. cellular jammer, cellular phone jammer, mobilephone jammer, mobile jammer, cellular immobilizer, cellular phone immobilizer, mobile immobilizer, cellular blocker,[...]

BNB Solutions Co.,Ltd more

Country: South Korea
Region: South Korea
City: Yongin-si
Street: 169-1, Jubuk-ri, Cheoin-gu, Yangji-meyn
Phone: +82 31 3371203
Fax: +82 31 3371209
Firm Rank: 0
BNB Solutions Co.,Ltd. has been established in field of encryption & security business separated from Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd. in Aug.2003. We produce an encryption device for data, fax, telephone, telex as a defense industry. Now, we are focusing on entering into new prospective business of security sector such as fingerprint-scan digital door lock, CCTV camera cryptograph module and external storage management system and telecommunication sector such as GPS Board, Remote Control Unit and[...]