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Kalma Kaubandus OÜ more

Country: Estonia
Region: Estonia
City: Tartu
Street: Saare 5-1
Phone: +372 5 082500
Fax: +372 7 453897
Firm Rank: 0
Kalma Kaubandus OÜ is an intensively growing company with the following operation areas: - Production of fish products; - Commercial fishing; - Wholesale of fish and fish products. We have own fish-processing house, EU-number, allowable to delivery in EU. We can offer fresh, chilled or frozen fish, fish fillet: pike-perch, perch, pike, roach, bream. Burbot, eel, tench, carp, crucian and delicacy ruff fillets - only limited quantities. All production of high quality, sorting according[...]