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Category:Agriculture & Gardening


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Algrow Agritrade Corporation more

Country: Philippines
Region: Philippines
City: Davao
Street: Unit 15, 2nd Floor, MGR Building II, Matina
Phone: +63 082 2412954
Fax: +63 082 2412954
Firm Rank: 0
A fully-owned filipino corporation. Operates in Davao Region, Philippines as exporter of Fresh Cavendish Banana, Sweet and Juicy Pineapples, and other fruit crops such as coconut, mango, etc. The company also imports fertilizers and agrichemicals such as UREA, AMMOSOL, POTASH, DAP, etc. With is synergy with farmers and cooperatives as its producer, grower, and business partner to have an easy access of low-cost farm inputs and fertilizers. Along with its responsibility to its people and community,[...]

Celebes Agricultural Corporation more

Country: Philippines
Region: Philippines
City: Butuan
Street: Kilometer 3, Baan
Phone: +63 85 3427777
Fax: +63 85 3428888
Firm Rank: 0
Our company was established in 1981 and is engage in the manufacture of the following Organic Certified and Non-Organic products: 1. Desiccated Coconut 2. Honeydipped Banana chips 3. Coconut Oil (RBD, Crude, and Virgin Coconut Oil) 4. Coconut Fiber 5. Coconut Peat 6. Coconut Husk Chips 7. Coco Coir Dust Our products is Kosher and Organic Certiied[...]

Wacker Machines Supplies Corporation more

Country: Philippines
Region: Philippines
City: Valenzuela city
Street: 12 Waterlily st. Hobart Village 2,Ugong
Phone: +63 2 4440010
Fax: +63 2 9837982
Firm Rank: 0
WACKER MACHINES SUPPLIES CORPORATION,company stablished here in Philippines and We are importer/ manufacturer's representative of light construction equipment such as Rammer, Plate compactor,Concrete vibrator,power trowel and roller.and we sell it directly to enduser who are contractors, we are currently importing tools from Marshalltown ,Flextool and wacker.[...]

Royce Food Corporation more

Country: Philippines
Region: Philippines
City: Cebu
Street: 295-A Jones Avenue
Phone: +63 32 2325445
Fax: +63 32 2312831
Firm Rank: 0
Manufacturer of the desiccated coconut, coconut oio, banana chips, coconut fiber, coconut peat, ccoonut shell charcoal, coco coir dust, coconut peat, coconut husk chips, and other coconut related products. Our company also manufactures drie dtropical fruits like the dried mangoes. Our products are Kosher and Organic Certified[...]

Fast Agriculture more

Country: Philippines
Region: Philippines
City: Quezon City
Street: Unit 102 Mariposa Loop, Mariposa Street Barangay Bagong Lipunan
Phone: +63 2 6331044
Firm Rank: 0
Farmville Agriculture Source Team (FAST) is a Filipino owned food service supply provider, it was conceptualized after catering to the food service industry. It aims to provide high quality agricultural products to its growing client base and became the number one agriculture products and solution provider in the country.[...]