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Eurocompany Huta Stalowa Wola S.A. more

Country: Poland
Region: Sub-Carpathia
City: Stalowa Wola
Street: Kwiatkowskiego 1
Phone: +48 15 8135541
Fax: +48 15 8137133
Firm Rank: star
logoHuta Stalowa Wola S.A. is the leading manufacturer of construction and military equipment which also exports and sells the goods and services of Huta Stalowa Wola Industrial Group. Construction equipment: wheel loaders, crawler dozers, pipelayers and backhoe-loader. For home market our company offers a wide range of spare parts and services for the construction machines produced by HSW S.A. and HSW-Trading Ltd. Huta Stalowa Wola S.A. provides cooperation services based on supplied and[...]

Eurocompany O.B.S. SPAW-TEST Sp. z o.o. more

Country: Poland
Region: Pomerania
City: Gdańsk
Street: Śnieżna 1
Phone: +48 58 3437745
Fax: +48 58 3437743
Firm Rank: star
logoO.B.S. SPAW-TEST started its production in 1989. Originally it operated in the research and training in the scope of welding technology for the heating power industry. Next from the beginning of 90’s it was operating in innovation and technical progress. As one of the first in Europe it made a production use of an invention which removes pollution from water heating nets with the help of magnetic field. O.B.S. SPAW-TEST made a fundamental influence on change in operation of technical heating[...]

Eurocompany TOP-PROJEKT sp. z o.o. more

Country: Poland
Region: Lower Silesia
City: Wrocław
Street: Otyńska 8
Phone: +48 71 3550175
Fax: +48 71 3554530
Firm Rank: star
logoIn 1989 was founded PEFO Limited Liability Company. On 1 November 1994 TOP PROJEKT company began its activity. It is founded to project, sell and operating filter-ventilating systems, air condition and ventilating installations. Main activity of company is producing, services and trading, for modernization air cleaning engineering in industry. Leading in designing and researching-initiating work, measurements and monitoring, compiling devices supply for air purifying.[...]

Siyang Xiuben Weld Material Co., Ltd more

Country: China
Region: China
City: Siyang
Street: Jiangyin
Phone: +86 519 5254399
Fax: +86 519 6870186
Firm Rank: 0
Siyang Xiuben weld material Co., ltd . is located in siyang, jiangsu province. It is engaged in the development of welding and cutting technology and accessories, specialized in different kinds of TIG guns with accessories, MIG/MAG guns with accessories and plasma torches, welding wire and other related parts. Our products have been exported to Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia for more than 20 countries. We can afford you the products as below: 1. TIG welding guns and parts, such as[...]

Szucs Ltd more

Country: Hungary
Region: Hungary
City: Karcag
Street: Ady Endre út 56
Phone: +36 59 503450
Fax: +36 59 503451
Firm Rank: 0
The company was established as the successor of „Hardware and Electronic Product Co-op of Kunmadaras” which had been nationwide reputation as welder machinery developer and manufacturer. The Co-op has delivered about 500 welder machineries for „VEGYÉPSZER Rt.” to the Tengiz project. The company organises its business around three main activities: •Welding, Heat-treater, Control cabinet, Single-purpose machinery development •Welding, Heat-treater, Control cabinet, Single-purpose[...]

RYWAL-RHC Sp. z o.o. more

Country: Poland
Region: Cuiavia and Pomerania
City: Toruń
Street: Wielki Rów 40 B
Phone: +48 56 6693800
Fax: +48 56 6693805
Firm Rank: 0
"RYWAL-RHC" is a private, specialist enterprise established in 1992. since its early days, the company focuses on processes which deal with joining materials by using heat. Offering over 5000 different products and providing the "sale service" in the whole area connected with above subject, the company is one of only few in the whole sector that is able to fulfil any of its clients' needs. Having said "sale service" we meat: technical advisory, providing information[...]

Shaanxi Fuyuan In`l Inc. more

Country: China
Region: China
City: Xi`an
Street: Rm818, 8th floor,E-SUN plaza,No.27,Ke-ji Road, West High-tec., Development Zone, Xi`an China
Phone: +86 29 82308527
Fax: +86 29 82308530
Firm Rank: 0
SHAANXI FUYUAN INT’L INC. is an all-round imports and exports company with 30 million registered capital. Our company is mainly for importing and exporting the products which contains instrument, mechanical equipment, chemical material, light products of arts and crafts, glassware, sports equipment, metal tool, textile, dress, medicine, electronics machine, insulation material ( Polyimide film , Mica plate ) ,headlamp etc. Our company actively developed the business in the aboil market competing[...]

Bharat Electrodes more

Country: India
Region: India
City: Kota
Street: H-322(C) Road No.6, Indraprastha Industrial Area
Phone: +91 744 3294330
Fax: +91 744 3294331
Firm Rank: 0
Bharat electrodes an ISO 9001-2000 certified company is leader in manufacturing of mild steel general purpose welding electrodes with the greatest pride for the domestic and international markets since 1995. Bharat Electrodes initiative on Total Quality Management has resulted in ISO 9001-2000 certification for Two of its principal manufacturing facilities located at Kota (RAJASTHAN). Further, the skills, know-how and resources at its Research and Development Departments, have helped the Company[...]