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Gold Drop sp. z o.o.

[Poland]Floor emulsion

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It is one of the most modern products for maintenance of the following types of floors: floor panels, lacquered planks, parquet floors, linoleum and PVC tiles. Self-shining, it provides a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance. DOES NOT REQUIRE POLISHING. Its use results in a quick shiny floor appearance. Floors covered with emulsion are resistant to dust re-accumulation. On the contrary to competitive products, FLOOR emulsion can easily be removed by hot water with suds. The product is not flammable owing to its formula based on water emulsion.

Two versions available: for floor maintenance inside the building and for external floors, tombstones and other surfaces exposed to harmul influence of atmosphere.

FLOOR - emulsion remover - a product dilutable with water for removing dirty emulsion in heavy-duty areas. To be applied on internal and external floors.
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:FLOOR
Place of origin:Poland
Brand:Gold Drop
Price:Ask for price
Quality/Certifications:ISO 9001 i ISO 14001


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Gold Drop sp. z o.o.

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