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[Poland]Dependable Low Pressure Dew Point with DC Desiccant Dryers

Specifications Series DC Flow capacity 0.15 to 154.53 m³/min Dependable Drying Power up to -70 °C Meticulous design and quality ensure that KAESER DC Series desiccant dryers operate efficiently to provide dependable low-pressure dew point performance at continuous load, even under the toughest of conditions. The outstanding drying results are aided by generous quantities of KAESER’s high quality ‘SIGMA Dry’ desiccant, as only a fraction of the material’s initial load is used. Consequently,[...]

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[Poland]Activated Carbon Adsorber

Technical Specification ACT series Airflows: 1.17 to 154.53 m³/min Area of application For low maintenance high air quality, fit an ACT activated carbon adsorber to remove any remaining oil vapour after the applicable air drying and pre-filtration processes. The result is really high compressed air quality. Important features and advantages: * Remaining oil content up to 0.003 mg/m³. Considerably less than the limit for Class 1 in accordance with ISO 8573-1. * Long activated[...]

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[Poland]Pressure band control

Power-saving pressure band control Keeping the compressors working within a narrow pressure band and being able to recognise and accomodate demand trends is the ideal way to avoid unneccessarily high final pressure. Investment is quickly repaid because lowering maximum pressure by just one bar means 6 percent less compressor power consumption and 25 percent less air loss through leaks in the air network. Simple operation Logically structured menus in plain text and a number of preassigned[...]

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[Poland]Pure Air System

Technical specification Series: DA Flow rate: 1.15 to 154.53 m³/min Pressure dewpoint: down to -70 °C The KAESER Pure Air System is able to achieve a high degree of cleanliness and dryness in compressed air. The system comprises a centrifugal separator, a microfilter, a prefilter (as additional security), a heatless regenerated desiccant dryer, an activated carbon adsorber and a particulate filter all built into a common housing and interconnected for instant use. Class 1 purity to ISO[...]

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[Poland]Breathing Air System

Technical specification Series: DAP Flow rate: 0.15 to 13.33 m3/min Compressed air may be used for breathing only after it has been correctly treated. It may not contain any contaminants such as moisture, solid particles, oil or oil vapors, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxide or hydrocarbons. Carbon monoxide is particularly dangerous as even in minute quantities it quickly causes disorientation and incapacity. The KAESER breathing air system meets all the quality[...]

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[Poland]Centrifugal Separators

Technical specification Series: ZK Flow rate: 2.0 to 118.3 m³/min The centrifugal separator removes moisture droplets carried in the compressed air. A deflector plate on the air inlet causes the air to swirl in a cyclonic fashion. The resulting centrifugal force deposits liquid droplets and solid particles on the container wall where they coalesce and flow down into the collecting chamber. The air leaving the separator is free of condensate and has a relative humidity of almost 100%. The[...]

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[Poland]Condensate Drains

Technical specification Series ECO DRAIN for compressor capacities up to 1000 m³/min Industrial standard ECO DRAIN Rugged, reliable and long-lasting are the qualities essential for industrial applications and these are provided in full by the ECO DRAIN series. Versions are available to suit even the most hostile operating conditions such as highly aggressive condensate, freezing temperatures, high pressure or vacuum. Level sensor The capacitive level sensor has no wearing parts and[...]

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[Poland]Condensate Treatment Units

Technical specification Series AQUAMAT for compressors of 1 to 90 m³/min capacity Tested and certified condensate treatment The Institute of Building Techniques in Berlin has tested and certified the AQUAMAT as meeting the most modern standards of treatment plant. This means utmost reliability and confidence for the user. The AQUAMAT not only reduces waste treatment costs but also contributes to the protection of the environment. Test set With this simple set, the quality of the cleaned[...]

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[Poland]Air Management of 4 to 16 Compressors

Air Management Efficient and reliable control of an air system demands a comprehensive exchange of data between the master controller and the internal compressor controller. High performance and a large memory capacity are the main features of the industrial computer that is the heart of SIGMA AIR MANAGER. The master Profibus DP interface needs only a single cable for fast and safe exchange of large data volume with SIGMA CONTROL, the internal controller in the packaged compressor, which has a slave[...]

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[Poland]Powerful, efficient rotary blowers

Specifications HB 1300 and 1600 PI Series Delivery: 5 to 160 m³/min Pressure up to 1000 mbar Vacuum to -500 mbar Simple maintenance Removable panels in the sound enclosure allow easy access for all servicing work e.g. oil and filter inspection / changes, V-belt tensioning. High-efficiency motors EFF1 drive motors (IP 55 with insulation class F) ensure optimum blower efficiency and, unlike other motors, hardly generate any heat during operation. Automatic belt tensioning Irrespective[...]

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