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Gerda Sp. z o.o.

[Poland]Gerda ZN 100 locks

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Gerda ZN 100, ZN 200 and ZN 200Z locks are popular surface-mounted locks, suitable for front entrance doors as well as internal doors. Their key features are aesthetic looks, a comfortable turn knob and smalt size, which matches every interior.

Excellent construction of locks Gerda ZN 100, ZN 200, ZN 200Z makes them fully versatile.

The above features provide an easy installation of the lock botki to new doors or as a replacement of other locks of this type.

Product guarantee: 12 months.


* • they can be installed 50 mm to 60 mm from the edge of che door,
* • thanks to spacer pads they can be fitted to any door type (rebated and non-rebated),
* • they can be fitted to „left" or „right" handed doors.

The ZN 100 lock is equipped witki a RIM E1 cylinder with 1 set of 3 flat keys.

All locks in the ZN range are available in white, brown and graphite with brass cylinders.

The locks with satin finish also have satin cylinders.
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Model/Article number:ZN 100
Place of origin:Poland
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