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Gerda Sp. z o.o.

[Poland]Gerda GTS door closers

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Door closers Gerda GTS are high quality devices for assisted closing of front enirance and internal doors. Innovative construction and high quality materials ensure long, reliable operation of correctly
installed door closers. Wide range of aesthetic designs provides a selection of door closers suitable for any interior. Gerda GTS door closer range suits all types of door: timber, steel, aluminium and PVC.

Door closers Gerda GTS are universal, hydraulic door closing devices. Their versatile construction allows installation either to doorframe or the door itself ("left" or "right"). High quality materials guarantee their correct operation both inside and outside. The GTS door closer range offered by GERDA are serviced by GEZE Copmpany.

Product guarantee: 12 months.


* • adjustable closing speed,
* • adjustable final closirg phase,
* • adjustable closing forte,
* • optionally a closing and/or opening deadlock may be provided.
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:GTS 1000
Place of origin:Poland
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