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Jiangsu Huayuan H-Power Tech.Co.,Ltd

[China]Portable oxygen generator

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Products introduction:
Oxygen is the basis of human metabolism, is the source and basic of life and health. Oxidation of oxygen can make the material energy, for the human needs of the tissues and organs. Lack of oxygen will lead to metabolism affecte, lead to illness. cause various diseases, it is hazardous to health.

Fuyuan portable oxygen generator is deleloped independently by Jiangsu Huayuan H-Power Tech.Co.,Ltd, a new type of civilian oxygen generator especially suitable for travelers.It is also a perfect medicine to keep the elders breath enough oxygen every day. It can keep the elders improve the metabolism, prevent disease, live longer and stay healthy. The oxygen generator uses the most advanced modern technology of proton exchange, truly realized the miniaturization and civilian of oxygen generator, is your best choice for tourism to the plateau.At the same time,it is a high-end gift for friends and elders.

Technical parameters:
Model: HY-WS01
Power supply: four 1.5 V batteries
Rated oxygen production: 350 ml/min
Oxygen concentration: 23 %-30%
Oxygen temperature: room temperature
Packaging specifications: 140 x 90 x 30 mm
Net weight: 170g

Working principle:
Adopting international advanced technology of proton exchange of electrolyzed water, fresh oxygen will be electrolysed from water, pollution free
Total reaction equation:
2H2O + energy = 2 H2↑ + O2↑
Technology leadership - using less energy through the proton exchange technology water electrolysis;
A New Look Fashion - Design Thinking unique ,small size, light weight;
Faster production of oxygen - that is, to use it capacity, the shortest time possible to maximize the oxygen;
Energy saving - low power, high-performance;
No noise - the process of producing oxygen without any noise.
Easy to carry - products small size, light weight, and are particularly suited to go out walking, the use of tourism.
Alarm function - With an unique alarm function, can issue a distress signal when people is in dangerous situations.
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:HY-WS01
Place of origin:China
Price:586 USD
Packing:Print cartridges
Delivery time:60 days
Minimum order:1


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Jiangsu Huayuan H-Power Tech.Co.,Ltd

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