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Industriegruppe «Ukrfilterservis» Werk «Filtr» GmbH


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Reusable respirator. It is intended for protection of breathing organs against aerosols of harmful substances (dust, smoke, mist). It is recommended to be used at hard works and dust concentration more than 500 mg/m3 in conditions with intensive physical loads at high dust content, humidity and temperature of air in working zone.
• Two filters and two exhaust valves create comfort conditions for breathing and decrease immensely the press on the cardio-vascular system.
• Replaceable filters PF-1A are made of ecologically clean nonwoven filtering polypropylene material (NFP).
• Larger filtration surface (1000 cm2) helps to increase working life of filters without regeneration.
• The peculiarities of the material NFP support to improve partial regeneration of filters (piled up dust removal) in the process of working as well as restore filter’s functionability by drying or shaking down in breaks between shifts).

The respirator Pulse-K consists of a rubber half-mask PR-7 with two exhaust valves, two filters, woven obturator (or without) and a headband.

• coal mines;
• mining industry;
• metallurgy (including production of non-ferrous metals and steel);
• coke-chemical production;
• all industry branches where electric and gaseous welding or metal’s cutting is used.
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Industriegruppe «Ukrfilterservis» Werk «Filtr» GmbH

Street:23, Lenina Ave.
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Name and Surname: Natalya Falina
Phone: +38 0624 521530
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