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[Poland]Incremental Encoders

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Incremental Encoders are devices for measuring speed and position in drive technology.

HUEBNER HeavyDuty incremental encoders are characterized by the following excellent features:

Robust construction with solid light alloy housing for high vibration and shock proof protection.

Bearings at both ends of the shaft, where construction permits.

Short-circuit proof power transistors with peak currents up to 300 mA for line driving over long cables with HTL-signals or optional TTL-signals to RS-422.

High Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), tested to IEC 801-4.

Protection against shaft currents due to insulated ball bearings, in some devices.

Incremental encoders without bearings for drives with large axial play or high speeds.

Through-hole hollow shaft, also available in Sinus-Technology and in explosion proof execution "II 2 G EEx de IIC T6".

Wide range of program with standard EURO-Flange B10.

Rear shaft option for mounting of other devices.

Combinations with common shaft:
• Incremental encoder + Incremental encoder (Twin Tacho),
• Incremental encoder + Analog-Tacho,
• Incremental encoder + Speed Switch.

All HUEBNER devices are covered by a two-year warranty subject to the conditions of the Association of the German Electrical Engineering Industry (ZVEI).
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