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Scan Holdings (P) Limited

[India]Ring Lid Tagger Assemblies

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Scan Holdings offers you high quality Can Ends and Penny Lever Lids at competitive rates. All Can components including Can Ends and Penny Lever Lids (Ring-Lid-Tagger Assemblies) are made from prime quality tinplates.

Ring-Lid-Tagger Assemblies are offered in sizes 73mm (300 Dia), 99mm (401 Dia), 127mm (502 Dia), 153mm (603 Dia) and 189mm (708 Dia). Some sizes of our Ring-Lid-Tagger Assemblies have ‘Safety Ring’ that avoids cuts and accidents while putting hand in the Can. The Aluminum Tagger is specially lacquered to make it suitable for Milk powder packing. Please check with us for details.

Can Ends are offered in sizes 52mm (202 Dia), 65mm (214 Dia), 73mm (300 Dia), 84mm (307 Dia), 99mm (401 Dia), 127mm (502 Dia), 153mm (603 Dia) and 189mm (708 Dia). All the Can Ends are suitable for Retorting / Sterilization. Outside of the Cans Ends is Gold / Clear Lacquer and Inside will be Food Lacquered as per pack requirement.

For further information on Can Ends, Penny Lever Lids / Ring-Lid-Tagger Assemblies and other packaging products, write to us
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Place of origin:India
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Delivery time:30 days


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Scan Holdings (P) Limited

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