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Shenyang Cuncaoxin Co., Ltd

[China]Foley catheter

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Foley catheter: one is made of natural latex imported from Malaysia by international advanced crafts. We have taken order with the surface of the foley catheter with nanometer antibiotic materials. The foley catheter is very slick around and can be put with biology easily. The high pressure prevented balloon can not be bursted easily with force. There is a big channel inside of the balloon so that the foley catheter can be used safely without any jam. We have developed nanometer antibiotic foley catheter with chemistry departments of University and College. The product can avoid infecting urethra and can delay time effectively. It has filled the domestic gaps, caught up with the international most advanced level. The slippery foley catheter can lighten pain when foley catheter inserting, prevent the urine salt from precipitating effectively.

Silocone foley main include: 100% Silicone Foley Catheter(X-ray)(1-way/2-way/3-way/4-way/5-way)、Silicone Stomach Tube(X-ray)、Silicone Mask、Thorax Drainage Tube、PVC Tub and other types of tubes. About 90% of our productions sales to the oversea market
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Shenyang Cuncaoxin Co., Ltd

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