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F.H.P. Narzędziowiec

[Poland]Crimping Plier for Western Plugs

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.: professional tool for cutting and stripping unshielded ribbon telephone cables
.: for crimping 4-, 6- and 8-pole Western plugs type RJ 10 (7.65 mm width), type RJ 11/12 (9.65 mm width) and type RJ 45 (11.68 mm width)
.: exact crimping process due to parallel crimping
.: repetitive, high crimping quality due to integral lock (self-releasing mechanism)
.: optimum transmission of force due to lever action for fatigue-reduced operation
.: with length cutter and dismantling knife for ribbon cables 6 and 12 mm length
.: head burnished, two-colour dual component handles
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Model/Article number:975112
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