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F.P.H.U.TREMO Sagan Artur-Sagan Marian

[Poland]The fusing glass

Goods which are performed with the method of fusing consisting in to setting of the differently coloured glass and sinkings of oxides of metals en masse, conjointly with streams of the light (the sun, the dusk, the shadow) extract from their own mass most beautiful colours.[...]


[Poland]The decorative glass

Glass performed with the method of fusing in the various form such as: epergnes , decors, baskets, salad bowls, the ash-tray or other useful example determines about the attractive and decorative element. The advantages of fusing products is that the light gets out of them most beautiful colours. By their own aesthetical and useful values they are very nice souvenirs.[...]


[Poland]Bending of the glass

We perform services within the range of bending on forms of the customer or our own[...]