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[India]Walk Through Metal Detector

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Unique door frame metal detector creates high frequency electromagnetic field through which all persons should pass. Presesnce of any metallic particles cause a reaction in this field, which is sensed by the detector and the signal is amplified and processed as required.

Security is absolute with this metal detector. Unique door frame metal detector, is designed to detect both ferrous and non ferrous metals, which is passed through aperture vicinity in any conceivable manner.

This metal detector is highly sensitive and are been used in the jewelry manufacturing units and other various manufacturing unit to protec the various unavoidable pilfering activities. This metal detector is ideal for customs, factories and all high security sites. This metal detector has a phase sensitive detection circuits which allows the user to enhance the sensitivity for certain group of metals and reduces it for other to a large extent.

Technical specification

Walk through
Zone: 610b x 710 w x 1970 h mm

Floor space
Required: 0.520 sq. Mts.

Overall arch
Dimension: 610b x 825w x 2080h mm

Weight:70 KG. (approx)

Consumption: <50 va (230ac,50 hz 1ph. )

Salient features

Maximum target discrimination
Automatic balance
Lower power consumption
Instant recovery on detection
Easy to operate, no specially skilled personel is required to operate
High reliability, long life performance
High sensitivity and high accuracy
Detects all metals including the magnetic stainless steel
Totally indigenous, spare parts and maintence readily available
Robust and user friendly controls and audio/visual alarm on detection.
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:DFMD - 1HS
Place of origin:India
Price:On Request USD
Price Terms:LC / T/T.
Delivery time:30 days
Minimum order:One


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Unique Equipments (Mfg. & Exporters)

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Name and Surname: Arun Arondekar
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