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DS Media Inc.

Business type: Manufacturer
Business type: Exporter, Local market
Number of employees: 5 - 10
Annual sales value: Euro 5.000.000 – 10.000.000
Established year: 2004

Security & Protection

Electronics, electrical engineering

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We are manufacturers of CCTV camera, DVR, Black box of car,mobile DVR, economical DVR. As a developer and manufactuerer based in Korea, let me introduce our company as belows.

A. Car Black box(Car DVR + camera+ GPS/GSM)

1. 4ch.

a. 704JB (one camera is built-in: low illumination – without SD card): U$230,
Optional GPS: U$35, side camera (outdoor): U$45, indoor camera: U$33

b. HSD-700M (built-in 4.5inch TFT monitor-without camera): U$290- with 4GB CF card and GPS.Optional: side camera (outdoor): U$45, indoor camera: U$33(low illumination)

c. 704JM (full function of mobile DVR with black box function)-without camera and HDD: 4ch. HDD, CF card type. Mobile DVR, G-sensor, and mapping: U$280,
Optional: GPS- U$35, side camera (outdoor): U$45, indoor camera: U$33(low illumination)

d. AVNB (all in one): U$550(without camera)
(Audio, Video, Navigation system, Black box-3G, DVR-4ch., wireless internet-GSM, WCDMA, wifi, wibro):-You can book your sample order; sample will be ready in July. 2011

e. Tu-with network black box (wireless 3G): CMS wireless network U$436(with 250GB HDD)Optional camera: side camera (outdoor): U$45, indoor camera: U$33

2. 2ch.
a. JS-300C (2ch.): High end WDR rate camera image, AV out, camera2: U$140
Optional: additional camera - U$33(Sony CCD II – strong at low illumination),
IR LED camera: U$50,

b. JS-300A (2ch.) with GSM/GPRS: U$200
(AVL + Black box- through wireless Internet to send information to control office):
Optional camera – U$33, IR LED camera: U$50

c. A1 plus (2ch.): AVL (GSM/GPRS/CDMA) + Black box - supply as board: U$170

d. 2 camera built-in Black box with LED built-in: U$170, without SD card U$155

3. 1ch.
a. HD recording video quality with GPS (1280x720): U$155
b. 3D supports: U$175, underdevelopment

B. CCTV camera
Mega pixel IP camera
PTZ IP camera
670TV line, Muitiplexer built-in Dome camera

D1, 8ch. 16ch.

D. Access control

E. LED light

Address data

Street:18-4, Gye San 3 Dong, Gye Yang Gu
City:Incheon, Korea
Postal code:407320
Country:South Korea
Phone: +82 32 5475457
Fax: +82 2 60071574


Contact person

Name and Surname: Jordan Joo
Phone: +82 32 5475457
Mobile: +82 1692162593
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