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[Poland]GM862-GPS - module GPS GSM/GPRS

TELIT company introduces the new GM862-GPS module combines a Quad-Band GSM/GPRS modem with a 20 channel high sensitivity SiRFstarIII™ Single Chip GPS receiver. Pin-to-Pin compatible with the previous GM862 versions. The GM862-GPS offers the possibility to run customer PYTHON programs inside the module, thus making the module a complete hardware platform for individual customer solutions. Specification: • SiRF** Powered • 20-Channel High Sensitivity GPS Receiver •[...]


[Poland]Geographical Information System

GIS allows user plug in any number of reporting dimensions. Geographical dimension use dynamic and interactive maps in svg format which allows user drill up and down through geo hierarchy. Very flexible graphic engine for data warehouse reporting. It\'s the best way to graphically present and analyze the data from your database systems on the map. Watch where your people are via GPS.[...]