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[China]Jelly cake decorations

hand made jelly ornaments for cake decorations, but also could be individual candy gift pack. 2D or 3D various designs.[...]


[China]jelly lollipops

hand decorated jelly lollipops, various and attractive designs. gift pack as per customers request, OEM available.[...]



Traditional Turkish sweet with different flavours (cocoa, pistachio) with special packs from 20 gr to 3 kg. Ingredients; Tehina (Pulped Sesame), Emulsifier (Eliserh Monostearat E 471), Coven water, Citric Acid (E 330), Vanillin.[...]


[Tunisia]Biscuits and chocolat

Taste good and fine for every day and every where. done with professional and experiment engeneering in libya. our company is a tunisian representant for thoese items.don't hesitate to contact us for samples and importing we use the same prices as mother manufacturer.[...]


[Poland]Candy floss, cotton candy

Packaging: 1 palette = 4 box x 42 displays x 12 pieces = 2016 pieces We can packaging as you like We can put your private label in our tub and cap.[...]



Sticks: salt sticks (70g,135g,300g) sesame seeds sticks (70g,300g) poppy seeds sticks (70g) Different weights available with PRIVATE LABEL[...]


[Poland]Clue Classic

Biscuits with caramel,raisins&nuts in milk chocolate[...]


[Poland]No1 Snaps- Pumpkin Snaps 30g

Excellent Pumpkin Snacks with natural honey !!! Ingredients: Pumpkin seed, starch syrup, sugar, honey. Pumpkin Snaps are manufactured without any preservatives or artificial flavours! We sell them under the brand NO1 SNAPS or Kornetki. It is also possible to make them under your own label.[...]



hard fruity and milky candies senter filled and not eclaiered[...]



fruity, cocoa,chewing, eclaired and not eclaired toffees[...]