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[Poland]Chocolate sweets

1. Chocolate sweets (cream flavour) with colourful sugar crumbs - bulk: 2,4kg; 2. Plum in chocolate – bulk: 2,5kg; 3. Maczusie – Chocolate sweets (cream flavour) with colourful sugar crumbs – display: 45g x 18 pcs;[...]


[Poland]Best Nutella PL at Lowest Price

We offer Nutella text PL,EST at the lowest price in Poland , we guarantee fast delivery , best price and safe shipping . MOQ 20'FCL .[...]



Dreamy is snack candy line. Tiny pieces of coated candy which is can be used for toy and cake decoration. we have 5 flavours such as milk, mint, fruity, cola and black forest.[...]


[Taiwan]Cool Candy

It tastes very cool and refresh[...]



It belongs one kind of vegetables[...]


[Taiwan]yogurt Loccipop

Yogurt is healthy for our body[...]


[Taiwan]Green Tea Milk

Taste and find Green tea and milk are match[...]


[Taiwan]Longan Jujube

These are Chinese food showed "entelechy"[...]


[Tunisia]Biscuits and chocolat

Taste good and fine for every day and every where. done with professional and experiment engeneering in libya. our company is a tunisian representant for thoese items.don't hesitate to contact us for samples and importing we use the same prices as mother manufacturer.[...]


[Poland]Fruit jellies

1. Fruit jellies in chocolate (lemon, apple, cherry, black currant): 200g x 10 pcs; bulk: 3,0kg; 2. Flavour jellies in chocolate (mint and apple) – 200g x 10 pcs; bulk: 1,7kg; 3. Cardinal – Fruit jellies in chocolate (lemon, cherry, orange): 180g x 11 pcs; bulk: 2,2kg; 4. Flavour jellies with sugar: (lemon, apple, cherry, orange): 180g x 10 pcs; bulk: 1,0kg;[...]