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Wholesales of carrots- import Holandia caliber 100/300, package in 10 kg bags, quality perfect, competitive prices. we invite you to fruitful co-operation.[...]


[Poland]Dried vegetables

We offer dried vegetables, esp. carrot,beetroot,persil, dried onion - flakes,dried garlic - granulated and flakes Only wholesale trade[...]


[Poland]Bean Jaś

Bean Jaś he be hulle drunner's grain.It descends from Central America. Bean's dry grain be designed to consumption and processing.It be characterizes with white colour,special natural scent it flying with mustiness and mould. Bean's designed to sale grains are clean,healthy,well educated,without dirt about moisture to 18%. Bean contain peck proteins,it is rich in vitamin from group mainly B and mineral salts.[...]


[Poland]Small bean

Small bean is usual bean's grain.She be designed to consumption and processing.It steps out changes: -bean small Igołomska -bean small Bomba -bean small Aura -bean small Perełka Small bean delives many vitamins of,iron,of potassium,folic acid,absorption amino acids facilitates as well as it is easily assimilable through organism. Small bean's seeds are clean,healthy,educated about white colour and natural scent well.[...]


[China]Sale and export gingers

Welcome to SHANDONG FORTUNE MAX FOOD CO., LTD.specializes in processing,selling and exporting nuts(raw peanut inshell,roasted peanut inshell),kernels(peanut kernels,blanched peanut kernels), fruits(apple,pear) and vegetables(ginger,garlic). Our company has been established in 2000,located in the beautiful region,as well as region of producing peanuts-LINYI,in China.The company provides its domestic and international customers with superior quality and excellent services.We produce and export[...]


[Venezuela]Fresh Market Produce

We offer fresh hot peppers, culantro, dasheen (Taro) leaves, papaya and pimento from Trinidad and Tobago.[...]


[Venezuela]Hot Peppers

Hot peppers from Trinidad and Tobago. Delivered anywhere in the USA or Canada. Hot and delicious flavour.[...]


[China]Garlic Powder

Specifications: 1) Color: natural white or yellowish, no obvious dark spots 2) Size: 80-100mesh, 100-120mesh 3) Moisture: 6.0% max 4) SO2< 50ppm,200PPM,400PPM at buyer's option Packing Condition: Inner packing: 2 x 12.5kg/aluminum foil bag Outer packing: 25kg/carton Conveyance: Qty/20' FCL: 18MT[...]


[China]Fresh Garlic

Specifications: 1) Variety: pure white garlic, normal white garlic 2) Size: 4cm up / 4.5cm up / 5.0cm up / 5.5cm up / 6.0cm up / 6.5cm up / 7.0cm up 3) Supplying period: a) Fresh season: early June to mid September b) Cold storage season: September to next June Packing: Loose packing: 10kg/ctn, 15kg/ctn, 10kg/mesh bag, 20kg/mesh bag Small packing: 1kg/bag, 10 bags/ctn 500g/bag, 20 bags/ctn 250g/bag, 40 bags/ctn 3pcs/bag, 10kg/ctn 4pcs/bag, 10kg/ctn 5pcs/bag, 10kg/ctn[...]


[China]fresh garlic

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of vegetable in Fujina China. At present, we can supply all products as follows: Vegetable: 1.ginger (variety: Taiwan) Spec. 70g,80g,150g,250g,250g+ /pcs Packing: 20kgs/yellow net bag or carton 2.radish Spec. 200g-1100g/pcs, the length:25cm Packing: 20kgs/carton 3.carrot (316#, sanhong) Spec. 50g-600g,there are grades as "S","M","L","2L","3L" Packing: 10kgs/carton 4.shallot[...]