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[China]Chlorogenic Acid3%-98%

Honeysuckle flower or Eucommia ulmoides Latin Name: Honeysuckle flower CAS No.: 327-97-9 Active Ingredient: Chlorogenic Acid Test Method: HPLC Molecular weight: 354.31 Melting point:205-209°C Solubility: Good solubility in water Appearance: Fine crystal powder origin: Honeysuckle flower, Eucommia ulmoides Usage: antibiosis, antiviral, anti-inflammatory antimutagenicity ,anti-aging,anti-tumor, depressurization 1.Chlorogenic acid is 100% extracted from natural plant, very safe and[...]


[China]Corosolic Acid1%-98%

Corosolic acid . Latin Name: Lagerstroemia speciosa L CAS No.: 4547-24-4 Active Ingredient: Corosolic acid Test Method: HPLC Banaba Leaf P. E.1%-98% Corosolic Acid Product Specification : 1%,10%,20%,98% Corosolic Acid Product Type: Fine green powdered extract Corosolic Acid is 100% extracted from natural plant, very safe and more bioactive. Corosolic Acid at a very lower price with a very high and uniform quality. More important --- we have a very large output to meet our customers'big[...]


[China]Lycopene 95% and water soluble Lycopene

Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant found in tomatoes and pink grapefruit. Like the better-known supplement beta-carotene , lycopene belongs to the family of chemicals known as carotenoids . As an antioxidant, it is about twice as powerful as beta-carotene. Functions: Lycopene (taken at a dose of 16 grams daily) has shown promise for oral submucous fibrosis, a severe condition of the mouth primarily associated with excessive chewing of betel nuts. Much weaker evidence – far too weak to rely upon[...]


[Tunisia]Special dates

Dear Sir/ Madam Our company Impex Way L.t.d, & Deyma expert in Agro-alimentary products, would like to introduce you our Tunisian dates, already selected and packed in beautiful traditional boxes. Our dates meet the highest standards, conformed by BRD Global Standard Certificate. Combination of precisely selected dates from Tunisian oasis and beautiful, wide packaging suitable for the gifts, make our products high qualitative. Our deletions Tunisian dates hit the taste and flavour of the[...]


[Slovakia]Colloidal Organic Silicium

POWER Si+ in contrast to the mineral silicon contains carbon atoms in its molecules. This substance is referred to as organic silicon, which is very easily absorbed by the organism (up to 70%). This molecule serves to a certain extent as an ionic compensator for the entire organism, which provides cells with energy and thus enables them to defend themselves against all types of aggressions. At the same time, it aids the regeneration of the cell wall elasticity, which in turn improves the ability[...]


[China]Fruit-vegetable Sterilizer

Product Name: Fruit-vegetable Sterilizer Model No.: FVS-1 Products Detail: 1.Integrates ozone, sterilization, disinfection and pesticide degradation, four functions in one 2.Small,smart,compact and visible design 3.General cleaning and sterilizing function applies to normal cleaning and sterilizing,remains fresh and protects nutrition 4.No needing any further or other chemical material to wash your fruit/vegetables; hygienic and economic Voltage: AC110V60Hz Power Consumption: 18-20w Maximum[...]


[China]Sell Konjak (konjac) food, konjak silks, konjak slice, konjak silk coi

Our company introduces complete equipments for producing konjak from Japan, adopts the standard of Japan National Konjak Association and invites Japanese technical advisers throughout the entire year. The main products include Konjak (konjac) food, konjak silks, konjak slice, konjak silk coil, konjak lump, squid coil, etc.[...]


[China]Leptin Green Coffee 800(slimming coffee)

Leptin Green Coffee 800, weight reduce coffee, quickly and easily lose 10 pounds in 18 days. 100% pure natural, herbal and original Slimming capsule, herbal slimming, slimming diet, herbal weight loss products, weight loss medicine, Speed fat burning. Efficacy:18 days loss weight 10 pounds! From the United States Speed fat buning weight loss formula Xiaozhi Energizer coffee, full-effect decomposition of fat, taking small, non-toxic side effects on the human body, burning excess body fat, slimming[...]


[Bulgaria]seii honey natural 100% pure

We are producing 100% pure bee honey and honey cream. We are Bulgarian ( East Europe ) private company and we have got about 250 tons capacity per year. We are offering different types of packing from 15 grams up to 8 kgs. Private logo, according clients requirements available. Please, advice if you have got an interest for common business and mutual collaboration.[...]


[Canada]Propolis Extract Block

Bee King Canada Trading Company is a leading supplier of bee products in Canada and we supply the following bee products on a regular basis at competitive prices: Propolis Extract Block Propolis Extract Powder Propolis Tablet Propolis Capsule Crude Propolis White Beeswax Block White Beeswax Granule Yellow Beeswax Block Yellow Beeswax Granule Crude Beeswax Royal Jelly Powder Fresh Royal Jelly Bee Pollen Powder Bee Pollen Granule[...]