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[Poland]Dry and Semi-dry Sausages

This category contains products of highest quality deriving from the best Polish butcher's traditions. For many years taste and smell have been recognizable all over the world due to carefully selected components and natural spices. Dry and semi-dry sausages are smoked by using fruit tree fire to give them specific color and taste. Low content of water in the final product results in long consumption time-limits and no obligation to use refrigerated places for storing. If stored in hanging[...]


[Spain]Pork Diaphagm with Membrane

Pork Diaphragm with Membrane, Spanish recent production, frozen, packed in polyblocks on Pallet. Veterinary Certificates for Russia provided. For further information and prices kindly contact us.[...]


[Spain]Pork Back Fat 5 cm (Iberian)

Iberian Pork Back Fat 5 cm, Spanish recent production, frozen, packed in Polyblocks on Pallet. Several trucks/containers per month available. Veterinary Certificates for all countries provided. Further Information and prices upon request.[...]


[Italy]Prosciutto di Parma

Italian Ham - prosciutto di parma is a natural food, the only ingredients are pork and salt. The skilled salters, and the patient seasoning in fresh cellars in Parma are the secrets to produce a delicate and unique taste.[...]


[China]Natural Casings

Natural casings,sheep casings,goat casings,hog casings,pig casings,pork casings,lamb casings,hog chitterlings,fatends,sheep bungs.natural sausage casings,hot dogs from Wekon Casing Industrial China[...]